The 3 Best Workout Apps (if you are not a workout person)

Best Workout Apps

Looking for a workout partner to help get you going with an exercise routine, keep you accountable, and provide you guidance, support, and encouragement along the way? Look no further than your smartphone, which can be one of the best, most effective tools in your arsenal when you’re looking to get fit.

If you’re like most people, you probably spend more time with your smartphone than your friends and family, scrolling through newsfeeds, swiping right (or left), texting, etc. Ah, if only there was such a thing as the Thumb Olympics. The great news is that you can also use your smartphone to your advantage by downloading one of the best workout apps.

Here are (in our opinion) the three best workout apps for you to check out to help you get into great shape!

The 3 Best Workout Apps


One of the most common excuses for not working out is that you don’t have enough time. Sworkit solves this problem by helping you squeeze workouts into your busy schedule. Just let Sworkit know how much time you have and what type of workout you’re looking for (e.g., strength, cardio, yoga), and it will swiftly customize a workout for you that takes exactly the amount of time that you have available (from 5 minutes to an hour).

For most people, the free version of Sworkit is all that you need to get started. If you upgrade to the premium version, the app lets you get even more customized workouts and ask trainers questions. In a study published in the Journal of Internet Medical Research, University of Florida health researchers rated Sworkit the highest out of 30 different fitness apps, as it was the only one that met more than half of the guidelines for physical activity from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the world’s largest sports medicine and exercise science organization.

Running for Weight Loss

If running is your thing, then the Running for Weight Loss may be right up your alley. In the study mentioned above, the University of Florida researchers found that the Running for Weight Loss app scored the highest in the aerobic category among the 30 different fitness apps reviewed.

Running for Weight Loss is designed to help you achieve your fitness and weight management goals faster using short, smart interval training plans, which are an effective, time-efficient tool for improving cardiovascular fitness and health, insulin sensitivity and metabolic health, body composition, and more. Importantly, the app greets you where you are, allowing you to select workouts appropriate for your fitness level and goals.

The Running for Weight Loss app also recognizes the importance of healthy eating. In addition to the workouts, the app provides meal plans with delicious, healthy recipes to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


With her fun, bubbly personality, Cassey Ho has become a social-media fitness mogul. Cassey’s Blogilates videos have been a hit for years, and due to popular demand, you can now carry the YouTube Fitness Star in your pocket with the Blogilates app, which is remarkably likable, even by people who don’t enjoy working out.

The best workout apps are unique and fun enough to practically make you forget you’re exercising, and Blogilates is no exception. The app features a workout calendar with planned workout videos, which you can check off as you complete them to help you stay on track and see your progress. Each exercise video offers an invigorating and unique fusion of moves, and Cassey’s motivational coaching will help you get through even the most challenging workouts.

The app offers dozens of free videos organized by muscle group, along with some exclusive videos you can get access to for under a dollar. An added benefit, Blogilates features videos with healthy recipes and an online forum where you can share tips, questions, encouragement, and pictures with other users.

Download Your Fitness

If you’re looking to get fit—or just for some variety in your workout routine—look no further than your smartphone, which can help you exercise more than just your thumbs. The workout apps above can help provide everything you need to get in great shape: structure, accountability, support, variety, and more.