Aura Cleansing: 10 Easy Ways to Clear Negative Energy

Aura Cleansing Guide

Most of us don’t think about it much, but we are energetic beings. Electric currents run through the body and cells and send nerve signals. Scientists explain that at rest, the human body produces around 100 watts of energy or enough to power a light bulb. Movement releases even more. For example, when sprinting, some people can produce over 2,000 watts. So, while it may sound “woo-woo,” it only makes sense that we’re receptive to the energy around us. And that means we may feel better with a good aura cleansing from time to time.

Indeed, energy can be contagious. Many of us have found the energy from other people or the environment can affect mood, energy levels, and well-being. For example, have you ever walked into a concert venue or party where you could feel the energy around you? It just lifted your spirits, and you felt at ease or ready to party?

On the other side, have you ever walked into a room where people are fighting or disagreeing and you could cut the tension with a knife? Or your partner, roommate, or child started complaining about how bad their day was, and soon you began to feel grumpy too?

Perhaps you’ve simply walked into a house, store, or other location that just felt like the juju was off and you wanted to immediately leave.

Certain areas seem to absorb the energy from the people there. For example, hospital waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, or high-stakes businesses can absorb anxious, worried, or stressed energy. When sensitive individuals walk in, they often observe their own energy and mood shifting to align with the negative energy. Jealousy, gossiping, distrust, sadness, selfishness, and greed can also shift energy levels toward the negative.

This type of energy can build up not just in public spaces but in personal environments, including your home or office—especially when people have been stressed, depressed, or sick.

As humans, we also tend to have a negativity bias. That is, we’re tuned into watching for dangers, fears, and what’s wrong, rather than what’s right. It’s a natural survival mechanism to allow us to see threats and thus protect against them. Unfortunately, while many dangers are rare in today’s society, we can still find ourselves on high alert, looking at the world around us with pessimism and distrust, despite drastic improvements in safety. 1

What is Your Aura?

Before we dig into aura cleansing, it’s worth asking: what is an aura?

Basically, the aura can be described as the energetic field that surrounds your body. It emits your current emotional state or vibe. Because this field extends past your body, other people’s energy field can influence it. This is why you may feel the stress of the people around you, or feel grumpy after hanging out with someone who’s having an off day.

Fortunately, there are tools to clear negative energy and get back in balance. Whether you’re looking to cleanse your own aura or the aura of the space around you, here’s how…

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Aura Cleansing Guide

1. Meditate and visualize

Wherever you are—at home, at an airport, in a hospital waiting room, or a busy store—you can take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on shifting your energy.

Start by setting an intention to release any negative energy—your own or from others around you. You may even want to add an affirmation, such as: “I release any lower energy that no longer serves me or others.”

Then, picture a light that begins in your chest expanding out to clear the aura, starting within you and then expanding out, with each breath. Feel the ease expand as the light spreads past your body to about an arm’s length away in every direction.

The first few times you try this, it may feel a little weird, but as you practice and do it more often, you may find yourself feeling more at peace and balanced and less reactive to the stresses of others.

2. Soak it away

A warm bath (perhaps with added salt and baking soda) may not only help you relax your body and ease sore muscles, but it may also help you release negative energy and help you sleep better. If you don’t have time or just don’t feel like sinking into a full tub, a warm foot soak may also help you ground and let go.

3. Take a plunge

If you are near a body of water in nature, you can also skip the bath and take a plunge instead. Whether you’re near a lake, stream, or ocean, dipping your body into a natural body of water can help neutralize the negativity and cleanse your aura.

4. A second to soothe

When the tension is building, it’s nice to have a simple, easy way to cleanse the aura. One method is to take your middle fingers and place them gently on your forehead between your eyebrows. Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you gently sweep your fingers up your forehead, over your head, and down to the bottom of your neck. Then allow your hands to part and your middle fingers to continue the journey over your shoulders.

The physical movement helps you connect with your body and ease some of the tension that too often builds up in the head and neck. There are also several self-massage techniques that may help relieve tension and release negative energy.

5. Soak up some sun

Getting outside into nature is a great tool for aura cleansing. Simply allowing the rays of the sun to purify your body and mind can help revive you. For even greater results, stand, lie, or walk outside barefoot to ground your energy as you soak in the sun’s light.

Other simple ways to help cleanse the aura and get back into balance include breathwork, laughter, and exercise.

How to Cleanse the Aura in Your Environment

Clear Negative Energy

Now that you’ve cleared your own aura and energy, it’s time to clear your space. Here are five options:

1. Saltwater spritzes

To help clear the air around you, again, start with a positive intention to clear the air. Then fill a spray bottle (preferably glass) with filtered or purified water, sea salt, and perhaps a cleansing essential oil like lavender, eucalyptus, or sage. You can start spritzing yourself and your body first and then spray the air around you. Do, however, be careful with electronics and delicate fabrics to avoid damaging them by getting them damp. If concerned, you may want to spritz into the air and then walk into it rather than spraying directly onto your clothing.

2. Smudge with smoke

One method of aura cleansing and clearing out bad juju that’s been used for thousands of years is smudging. It’s a highly sacred, respected practice, with deep historical roots. Some research even indicates it may help decrease airborne bacteria and help fight microbial infections. 2,3

Before you begin, start with the intention of releasing any negative energy around you and then opening up a door or window to allow the smoke (and negative energy) a way to escape.

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Then hold a bundle of dried sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, cedar, lavender, or rosemary at a 45-degree angle, and allow it to burn for 20 to 30 seconds. Next, blow out the flame and use your hand, a feather, or another fanning tool to help spread the smoke as you slowly walk through your space. To prevent any ash or embers from dropping, you may want to use a vessel (such as a seashell or metal bowl). You may also want to repeat an affirmation, mantra, or prayer as you smudge to help you stay connected to your intention.

Be cautious to ensure you aren’t breathing in much (if any) of the smoke, and watch carefully to ensure any embers that fall to the ground are tamped out immediately.

Once done, put out any remaining embers in a fireproof container, sand, or dirt, and keep a careful watch until smoke no longer rises. Don’t, however, allow it to get wet as this can damage the smudge bundle or at least make it more difficult to light in the future.

3. Grow some green

What better way to lift the energy around you than by growing some real live plants? Plants can liven up your home or office, add fresh air and energy to the space, and boost mood. Some of the best purifying plants to grow include aloe vera, spider plants, and snake plants.

Research has found that indoor plants may even help boost focus and productivity, reduce stress, and lift mood. No wonder so many call it “plant therapy.”

4. Let in some air

If the air in a room feels stagnant and heavy, the energy can feel that way too. To improve air circulation and move the air and energy, throw open some windows to let in the fresh air and sunlight and completely change the feel of the air within minutes.

5. Tune into frequencies

Listening to sounds or music with a specific frequency (specifically 417 Hz) reportedly helps transform those negative vibes into more positive energy. “Sound healing” is another ancient practice that uses various vibrations and frequencies to help transform grief into joy or help free people from guilt and fear (396 Hz). Other frequencies may reportedly help increase brain functioning, awareness, and creativity (528 Hz); help rebalance communication and relationships (639 Hz); help solve problems or increase self-expression (741 Hz) by helping change brain waves as well as heart rate. 4

Sounds have been shown to soothe the soul, transform the energy of spaces, and help ease sleep disruptions, anxiety, stress, depression, and even pain. There are even playlists on Spotify designed for those frequencies to help you tune in and change your vibe.

Aura Cleansing: A Recap

While bad vibes may be hard to pinpoint, most people have felt them at times. Sure, there’s not a lot of research on these negative energies, scientifically or medically. Still, most people admit to feeling disconcerted if they spend too much time with negative people or environments.

Do the above methods really help in aura cleansing? Maybe. Fortunately, however, they are ways to help lift mood and energy, feel more grounded, or help you refocus on the positive. That means they could help improve your day significantly. So next time you’re feeling a little “off,” choose one and give it a try to see if it helps you cut through the negative and raise your vibrations to feel more positive and productive.