Best Way to Lose 10 Pounds FAST (In 5 Easy Steps)

lose 10 pounds fast

If you’re looking to lose 10 pounds fast, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to share with you my “magical” method for shedding 10 pounds in no time at all. Many have used this magical method to drop 10 pounds in a week! In reality, there’s nothing magical about it; it’s rather basic, but don’t mistake “basic” for ineffective. The simple steps I’m about to share with you work like gangbusters!

You see, like nearly everyone else on the planet, I put on a few pounds over the holidays, and to make things interesting, I currently have a little bet going with my sister: To drop 10 pounds in the next few weeks. Now, since she’s literally half my size, she’s shooting to lose 5 pounds in the same time frame. Because I’m a nice guy, I thought I’d reveal the exact blueprint that I’ll be using; that’s right, I’m going to show you exactly how you can drop flab fast, just like me.

Fact is, most people overcomplicate the fat loss process; in reality, slimming down quickly just comes down to putting a few simple strategies in place. Here’s my 5-step process to “lose 10 pounds fast” that you can replicate to experience similar results for yourself:

1. Make a bet. I’m highly competitive and refuse to lose at anything, and if you’re anything like me, making a bet is a sure-fire way to motivate you’re and keep me honest throughout the next few weeks. And I’m surely not going to lose to a girl, so making a bet with my sister automatically increased my chances of hitting my goal 10 times over. All kidding aside, we made the bet to motivate one another and to have fun during the process. When it’s all done in fun, getting others involved and creating a little competition between friends and/or family will always tip the odds of success in your favor.

2. Eliminate sugar-containing beverages (e.g., soda, juice, etc), alcohol, and junk food.  If you’re consuming any of this stuff, your chance of experiencing rapid fat loss—or any fat loss for that matter—is slim to none.  If you’ve got 10 (or more) pounds to lose, odds are you’re probably consuming SOME of these items currently; so eliminating them will automatically cut your calorie intake and put you on the fast track to weight loss success.

3. Get 30 minutes of activity each day. What kind of activity do you need to do to get FAST results? Simply put, if it’s more than what you’re currently doing, it will make a significant impact. For some, this may be simply walking, which can work well, especially if you’re currently not doing anything. For others, you may need to exercise more intensely. Just be sure to get 30 minutes of activity each day at an intensity level greater than what you’re used to.

4. Enjoy 1 – 2 “snack meals” during the day. Instead of full meals during the day, go with 2 smaller “snack meals” to control your calorie intake. For me, BioTrust Protein Cookies are my snack of choice, providing me with 12 grams of quality protein and only 150 calories each. Since I’m 6’4″, I can get away with eating two of these large, delicious Cookies at once while still keeping my calories relatively low. My second go-to option is a BioTrust Low Carb milkshake. Again, it’s only 150 calories while packing 24 grams of high-quality, time-released protein that keeps my appetite satisfied for hours. I’m not kidding when I say that BioTrust Low Carb tastes like a dessert milkshake; plus, there’s a variety of mouth-watering flavors!

5. Save your largest meal of the day for dinner and know how to choose the right foods. If you’re looking for fast weight loss, I recommend eliminating starchy carbs—at least for the first few weeks. Instead, concentrate on lean protein, loads of veggies to keep you full, and some healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and/or organic butter. It may seem strange to eat your largest meal at dinner, but for most people, this is when their appetite is most ravaging and their cravings are most intense. If you load up on highly satiating foods like lean proteins and veggies, you’ll keep your appetite and cravings in check, which is critical to losing weight fast.

And that’s it! Losing belly fat quickly doesn’t have to be difficult or overly complex, and the 5 simple steps I outlined above are proof of just that.