Can Collagen and Turmeric Be Taken Together?

Can Collagen and Turmeric Be Taken Together?

Dear Coaches,

I use the Multi-Collagen powder from BioTrust on the daily, and I also use turmeric in recipes as often as possible. Both of these provide benefits that I can see and feel, but sometimes, it gets challenging to have a recipe with turmeric and another that uses collagen. Is it crazy to put these two together? Can collagen and turmeric be taken together, or should I consume them separately?

Looking for shortcuts,

Thanks for the question, Shelly! I admit that one of the biggest reasons I love smoothies is because you can fit so much nutrition in one convenient meal: just toss together a quality protein, some leafy greens (or other veggies), and even some spices like turmeric and ginger with some ice and blend for a flavorful and nutrient-rich drink. So, I’m with you! There’s nothing wrong with a good shortcut—especially when it comes to healthy nutrition—and you are certainly onto a good one!

Combining collagen and turmeric isn’t only okay, it’s a great idea! It may even offer synergistic benefits. That is, the two ingredients may help unlock more benefits, making these ingredients more beneficial than when each one is taken alone.

Collagen and Turmeric

Taken together, collagen and turmeric may help promote:

  • Hair, skin, and nail health
  • Healthy, more mobile joints, tendons, and ligaments
  • Strong, healthy bones
  • Gut and digestive health
  • Healthy aging
  • Vibrance and energy
  • Appetite management and body composition (when consumed regularly and combined with a well-rounded exercise plan)
  • Improved athletic performance and recovery
  • And more!

In other words, the combination of collagen with turmeric is a proven duo for supporting overall health.

What’s more, it’s a tasty combination. If you’ve never tried Golden Milk, the traditional Ayurvedic tonic consumed for energy and enhanced health and healing, then you’re in for a treat. The combination of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper with the creaminess of collagen with just a touch of sweetness provides a rich, grounding, delightful flavor most people really enjoy.

While you can pull out the individual spices from your spice drawer and make your own Golden Milk, a much more convenient option is to use the new Ageless Multi-Collagen® Turmeric-Golden Milk flavor for the ultimate shortcut. Just mix one scoop with 8 ounces of warm or hot coconut milk (or your preferred milk or milk alternative) for a delicious, highly nutritious nightcap.

Thanks for the excellent question, Shelly, and for reminding us how simple some healthy shortcuts can be.

Collagen and Turmeric