Inspiration Tuesday: Stop Waiting For the “Perfect Time”

perfect time

Hey, it’s Joel and today I want to share something from the heart with you.

I’m guilty.

I’m guilty, perhaps like you, for “waiting for the perfect time”.

Have you ever waited for the perfect time to tell a family member or friend just how much they mean to you? Just how much you love and admire them? Just how awesome they are?

I have.

Days, weeks, and sometimes months go by, all waiting for that perfect moment. Meanwhile, that person may also be waiting… waiting to receive those encouraging words or to feel that love wrapped around them — and very likely more than you ever knew.

You never know what someone is going through inside. Your words and actions can make all the difference…if you deliver them.

But many times, we wait. We assume they know. Or we brush it off as unimportant.

And then there’s another reality. We are blessed with only so many days on this earth. I want the people in my life to know how important they are to me while they’re here…when it counts. So many times we wish we would have expressed more love, support, and encouragement only after it’s too late. Life can be fragile.

  • I’ll call when I’m less busy…
  • I’ll get together with them when things calm down…
  • I’ll make more time for my kids when I’m not so swamped with work…

Excuses. Justifications. Many times at the expense of those who love and need us most.

Have you put off starting important projects because the timing wasn’t “perfect”? It’s something I’ve often struggled with.

The things that I know will have the biggest impact sometimes get put on the back burner far too long.

“When my schedule is clear, I’ll start that. That’s a big one.”

In reality, my schedule is never clear, and yours probably isn’t either. Start the big projects today. Break out the pen and paper and start writing. Pull up the Word doc. Just start.

Have you put off prioritizing your nutrition and your health until “tomorrow” or until “Monday”? I’ve been there, too.

Every day, more and more people will begin a diet “tomorrow”. Thousands more will start exercising on “Monday”. Of course, today is bad timing…after all, there’s that dinner tonight. And oh yeah, company coming over tomorrow. In two weeks, it’s vacation…might as well wait until you’re back.

You see, the reality is that with how busy we all are, there is never a “perfect time”. In this day and age, schedules are jam packed. “Swamped” is the norm.

Will you let that consume you, your family, and your health?


Change comes by starting. Now. Today. It will never be the perfect time. Circumstances will never be ideal. Just dig your feet in and begin.

Tell that person you love them. Today. Carve out 1 minute to send them a warm and loving text message. Make that phone call. Schedule time to get together. There’s nothing more important in life than your relationships, and you never know just how badly someone may need the love and support that only you can provide.

Start your healthy nutrition plan (i.e. “diet”)…today. It doesn’t have to be perfect; just start. You owe it to yourself, and your family. Don’t wait one more day hoping for the ideal set of circumstances or the ideal situation. It won’t come, because unless you lock yourself away in solitude, it doesn’t exist. You HAVE to start today. You MUST begin now. Otherwise, you’re only kidding yourself and continuing to let those around you down.