50 Mood Boosters that Are Free.99

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Good health is about much more than just working out and eating right. Using the many low-cost or even free mood boosters available to you is a quick and easy way to ensure your mental health also stays (or gets back) on track.

Free Mood Boosters You Can Try

If you’re feeling down or disappointed and need a little bit of inspiration to get into a good mood again, we’ve got you covered. Monitoring how you feel and keeping in good spirits is part of an overall fitness lifestyle. Your happiness and mental well-being are important facets of your health.

If you need a boost, why not give some of these free mood boosters a try:

Appreciate nature—an instant way to turn your frown upside down is to go out and appreciate nature. Simply noticing all the beauty and intricate creations around you will have a positive effect on your mood.

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Friends—maintaining connections is important when it comes to your overall healthy self. Take the time to reach out and support each other.

Drink your water—don’t want to be low energy and cranky? One of the best free mood boosters is simply staying hydrated.

Exercise—getting a good workout can do wonders for your mood. The release of endorphins (feel-good hormones) is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits for your body and mind.

Pet animalsstudies show petting animals releases oxytocin, a naturally occurring happiness hormone that helps mothers and babies bond.

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Mindfulness—the key to relieving stress and bumping up your mood is being mindful of all that’s around you. Take time to smell the roses.

Laughter is the best medicine—and one of the best free mood boosters as well. Laugh deeply and often, and watch your overall frame of mind quickly improve.

Hugs—the power of hugs is undeniable. The need for human physical contact is a real thing, and hugs get the job done by enveloping you in safety and comfort, thereby promoting feelings of love and happiness.

Get organized—decluttering your space will also declutter your mind and allow your mood to improve. Feeling a sense of control over your surroundings is a positive step toward a wonderful mood.

Design Your Home for Maximum Health

Find ways to be kind to others—the phrase “practice random acts of kindness” really packs some power when put into use. Stepping outside your own problems and woes to focus on the needs of others can instantly boost your mood.

Enjoy your food—take small bites and really make the time to savor each one. Notice subtle flavors and the way that different foods combine to delight the tastebuds.

Make new connections—meeting new people and making new friends is sure to put a smile on your face.

Keep a journal—writing down your thoughts can also help you let go and feel lighter and happier. Sometimes, just getting things out of your head and onto the page can free up your brain for more positivity.

Clean up your diet—your nutrition can definitely affect your mood. Eating sugary and chemical-laden food can drag you down and make you feel ill, whereas supplying your body with fresh, whole, natural foods can boost your mood and provide you with tons of energy.

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Face the sun—enjoy some sunbeams on your face and let the gentle warmth bolster your spirit.

Redecorate your space—want a new positive attitude? Try giving your space a bit of a facelift and see how your spirit soars! Sometimes just a little refresh is all that’s needed to have a major impact on how you feel.

Be thankful—the surest way to turn around a bad mood is by being grateful for all the good in your life. Take five minutes to list everything you have to be thankful for and appreciate each one.

Get lost in a good book—letting your mind relax into the storyline of a great book is a wonderful free mood booster.

Volunteer—want to feel good? Try giving back. Volunteering is a surefire way to feel good fast.

Health Benefits of Volunteering

Get good sleep—yes, not getting good sleep is guaranteed to make you cranky, so focus on sleep hygiene, like a dark, cool, quiet room, and implement some wind-down routines to prepare your mind and body for a restful sleep. You can also add supplements that help promote better sleep.

Try a new hairstyle or makeover—nothing boosts moods like a makeover or a hairstyle refresh! Check out the latest styles and try one you think will look good on you.

Don’t hold grudges—get rid of all anger that is weighing your psyche down. Letting go will automatically lighten your mood.

Meditation—practicing even a few minutes of meditation can bring down stress levels, recenter you, and promote well-being.

Reduce stress—yes, stress can negatively impact your mood, drain your energy, and make you snappy toward others. Finding ways to reduce stress in your life is well worth the effort.

Deep breathing—deep breathing is another great free mood booster and stress relief technique.

Plan a get-together—staying in touch with friends and family is so important when it comes to your mood. Realize you’re not alone, and take the time to nurture friendships and connections. Planning getaways or time together can do a lot to improve your emotional state.

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Stretch your body—get the endorphins flowing with some gentle stretches or yoga.

Practice self-care—check in with yourself now and then to assess how you’re feeling. If your answer isn’t “great!” then it’s time to look into some of these free mood booster strategies!

Treat yourself— maybe try getting (or giving yourself) a mani, pedi, or facial. Allowing yourself to be pampered sends the signal that you’re worth it, which feels awesome.

Clean the house—you’d be surprised at the free mood boost you get from a sparkling clean house—or even one that’s just a bit tidier. Taking pride and care in your surroundings can lift your spirits tremendously and can also provide a pretty good workout.

Get a new workout outfit—want an instant skip in your step? Get a fun new workout outfit and see how much better you feel. (You’ll probably have an amazing workout, too!)

Visualize—need an instant mood booster? Try visualizing yourself succeeding at all you do. Really picture exactly what it is that you want and plug in all the senses. How do you feel? What do things look like, smell like, taste like, and sound like? Form a concrete picture of you—successful—and keep that image handy at all times.

Download new music—nothing lifts the spirits like a great song. Download new tunes regularly to keep things fresh and upbeat.

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Just dance—whether it’s in the rain, in the shower, or through your living room, now that you’ve downloaded some great new music, try singing and dancing to your latest tunes and watch your bad mood lift.

Book a vacation—having something fun to look forward to will give you a quick uplift. Start planning and visualizing all the fun you’re about to have.

Eat foods high in magnesium—these foods will help naturally boost your levels of serotonin, an anti-depressant hormone, and can help change your disposition from grumpy to great!

Try mood-enhancing supplements—you can also try herbs, vitamins, and other supplements  and see which ones may help you feel better. Some tried and true possibilities include:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • L-Theanine
  • B12

Unplug—if you’re feeling the stress and pressure of modern life, why not unplug for a while and watch your anxiety melt away? Take some computer-free and phone-free time each day to allow your brain to unwind.

Take a day off—and while you’re at it, do absolutely nothing but relax!

Take a walk—you’d be surprised how much you can change your outlook and mood with a nice, invigorating walk! This free mood booster can be done virtually anywhere at any time. If you need a quick pick-me-up, even a five- to ten-minute walk can do the trick.

Health Benefits of Walking

Try something new—always wanted to try ballroom dancing? Why not now? Thought square dancing might be fun? Sign up and get started.

Mix it up—and stop always doing the same old same old. Mix up your cardio sesh with a kickboxing class or try Pilates. Maybe partner stretches would be a nice change. The sky’s the limit with a little imagination, and you and your workout plan will feel refreshed and upbeat.

Learn to cook something healthy and delicious—yes, anyone can learn to make healthy meals tasty. All you need is the internet, some imagination, and the willingness to try some new recipes. Having some healthy foods you enjoy and can add to your regular diet can make life seem fun again (especially if you were stuck with a snore-worthy low-fat/low-carb/low-calorie diet plan).

Aromatherapy—yes, just relaxing into some soothing scents can help you unwind. Try lavender, lemon, or orange for a quick mood boost.

Join an online fitness group—there is nothing better than communing with like-minded people and lifting each other up on the daily. If you’re feeling a bit down or discouraged, check in with your online fitness friends for a sure free mood booster!

Find your purpose—sometimes, not having a clear direction can cause a lot of internal stress. Sitting down and mapping out what you’re about and making a personal mission statement can not only fortify a great mood but also give you a sense of control and purpose in your life.

Get a massage—it does a body good! So much stress, tension, and negativity can build up in your body, and getting a quality massage can help to release it, drain lymph nodes, and ease trigger points.

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Focus on your goals—already reached last year’s weight-loss goals? Already did that 5K you were training for? If so, it’s time to focus on some new goals. Set yourself up for success with goalposts along the way, so the overall goal doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Redefine your whys—along with your purpose come your whys. Revamp your list of all the reasons you want to live your mission or accomplish your new goals.

And last but certainly not least:

Celebrate your successes—nothing is a better free mood booster than celebrating how far you’ve come and all you’ve accomplished! You’ve worked hard, changed your life, and become a more positive, healthier, more motivated, and disciplined version of your past self. Now, let’s celebrate all you’ve accomplished!