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Transcript – The Power of Gratitude

Shawn:      Hello BioTrust Nation. We are back yet again, and we are grateful for you. Thankful even.

Tim:          Grateful for you, bro.

Shawn:      I’m grateful for you too, Tim. This is Shawn Wells and I’m here with Tim Skwiat, my amazing co-host. And we last did an episode on the abundance mindset and there is a lot in there on gratefulness. And it’s certainly the time of year to be thinking of gratefulness and thankfulness, as it always is. I think it always should be time to be thankful. And we have the science that shows that is something that can radically change your life and put you in a better mind state, a mind state that allows good things to happen to you, that allows you to reshape your reality. So, we want to talk about gratefulness.

But first, Tim is going to talk about a review that we have gotten and a question that we have gotten from you, the listener. And in either case, we will send you a free supplement of your choice, so it’s pretty exciting.

Tim:          Yeah guys, we love reading the reviews on iTunes. That means a lot to Shawn and I, personally. We love hearing from you guys anyway you can get in touch with us. We love to know that we’re making a difference. We love to know that you’re enjoying the content, and we’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to do that. We know it’s a step out of your day. It also helps the show. Helps spread the word. Helps us reach more people together.

So, today’s 5-star review on iTunes comes from MatzDM, who says, “Consistently great. These podcasts are consistently great information. I really enjoy the straightforward and understandable way it’s delivered. Always looking for the next one. Thank you for your work.” Thank you, Matt, MatzDM. Love that. It’s awesome.

Shawn:      That does mean a lot. I’m so thankful. I want everyone out there listening right now to not think of this as the Shawn and Tim show or the BioTrust show, but it’s your show, it’s our show. We’re doing this with you, for you, inspired by you. These questions are from you. You’ve helped shape our careers. We’re here sitting at this desk right now, Tim and I are, because of you guys. Because you’ve supported the show or bought BioTrust supplements, or whatever it is. So, we’re just we’re thankful to you. This is a community thing and hopefully we’re changing lives together.

And one thing I want to say before we get into the show is that if you didn’t listen to last show, I set forth a 30-day challenge and I want to pose that to you right now. I definitely challenge you to go back and listen to the last show, which we’ll connect to this one. We’ll put it in the show notes.

But my 30-day challenge to you, that Tim and I will be doing as well, and it will be up on the VIP Facebook group at, will be for the next 30 days, one person a day in your life, reach out to them and say:

  1. Something that you’re thankful for about them.
  2. Where you think that they’re a genius. Everyone’s amazing at something, and give someone that acknowledgment.
  3. Ask how you can be of service to them, how you can help them, how you can deepen your relationship, how you can listen.

And I just want to see how that transforms your world and transforms the lives around you, by doing something that takes a couple minutes each day. That’s it. That’s all I’m asking for is a couple minutes to transform your life and the people around you, just by acknowledging them.

You already think these thoughts, so just go ahead and do it if you can. And I’ll be grateful to you if you do that along with me. I think that would mean a lot, that I can hopefully help you impact lives around you. So, I’m thankful to all you guys listening, but we’ll get into a question now.

Tim:          Yeah, and I think I may have forgotten to mention this, but MatzDM, just email us at [email protected]. We’ll hook you up with a free product because we appreciate you. And also, like Shawn said, this show is meant to be for you and that’s why we that’s why we set out with BioTrust Radio is to answer your questions, help set the record straight on things. And so if you have ideas, questions that you want, you can leave them at the VIP group, That’s where we get a lot of questions and topics for the show. And we try to read at least one user question or one community question at the beginning.

Today’s question comes from Aquila Frederick Halstead who is going to get a free product as well. And Aquila asks, “Is it true that if you eat blackberries and red potatoes at bedtime it will help you lose weight while you sleep?” I this question because there’s a lot of questions about whether or not you should eat at nighttime, should or shouldn’t eat at nighttime. Do certain foods help you burn fat while you sleep. And it’s really not that simple.

Shawn:      The five fat-burning foods. [laughs]

Tim:          Yeah. [laughs] I have to admit that there’s a lot of marketing behind that.

Shawn:      Yeah.

Tim:          I suppose that you could make an argument that eating blackberries and red potatoes could somehow help you achieve your weight loss goals. For instance, if you’re eating blackberries instead of a pint of blackberry ice cream, that’s probably a step in the right direction. Or potatoes, like boiled red potatoes are going to be highly satiating, meaning that you’ll feel full and you won’t eat other things, and that’ll make you feel more satiated. Also it may help release some serotonin to help you feel relaxed and sleep better. And if you sleep better, then you’re more likely to make better choices the next day than if you lose out on sleep. So, dietary displacement, meaning that if you’re choosing these foods over other junk foods, it’s probably a step in the right direction.

On the other hand, if you’re eating red potatoes with a bunch of other stuff added to them: butter, sour cream, bacon, blah-blah-blah, maybe that’s not the best choice. I don’t think there’s anything specifically special about these two foods, if that’s what you’re asking, Aquila, that will help you lose weight while you sleep, per se.

Shawn:      I’m kind of racking my mind to make the connection here. I agree with you, Tim, but anthocyanins are in blackberries, high in anthocyanins. Powerful antioxidant. That’s what gives it its color. They’re low glycemic. They’re actually fairly keto friendly, so even on the keto diet they’re good. So, I’m a big fan of the berries because of their antioxidant potential and their low glycemic nature, as opposed to some other fruits, especially fruit juices. The red potatoes are interesting. The red color, again, whenever you see colors in nature, that usually means antioxidants. So that’s cool. Go for a colorful diet, especially with the fruits and vegetables. But certainly keeping the skin on provides the fiber.

And as Tim said, there is not only the starch that’s filling, especially the cooler it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s been heated and then cooled, as long as it’s cooler, then it’s more of a resistant starch. So it’s feeding gut bacteria, prebiotic starch. And then there is some research on a peptide naturally found in potatoes that’s in that Slendesta ingredient that may have an effect on CCK neuropeptide Y, and some of these.

Tim:          Appetite.

Shawn:      Appetite, yeah. But I don’t think there’s magic, per se, in those foods. But I think, as Tim said, I think those are fairly healthy foods if you’re picking them over other foods. So, not a bad thing.

Tim:          Yeah.

Shawn:      Anyway, so rolling into this list. I found a list of 60 things to be grateful for in our lives. And gratefulness is so powerful, as we talked about, and it can be transformative in your mindset when you approach things with gratefulness. It is, as Tim pointed out in the prior episode, an abundance mindset. And I think there was a quote from Tony Robbins and Oprah, essentially, about that, that when you view things through that gratefulness lens, then you have abundance. When you view things through, I guess, the scarcity lens, then—

Tim:          You never have enough.

Shawn:      You never have enough. Right. So, if we’re grateful, then we make our lives better from top to bottom. It will change every aspect of your day, every aspect of your life, all your interactions. So that’s why I’m asking for that 30-day challenge, too. It’s gratefulness of those people around you in your life, and having them in your life, and what a blessing that is. So let’s just start running down these 60 things.

Tim:          One thing real quick, Shawn. There’s a really good at the top.

Shawn:      Oh yeah, cool.

Tim:          Can we read that one?

Shawn:      Sure. And we’ll link this article in the show notes at

Tim:          So, this quote says, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” And that’s from Cynthia Ozick, and I just think that’s powerful because we overlook a lot of things in life, because we’re looking for the next best thing or the thing that’s missing, when all that we need is probably already in front of us.

Shawn:      Yeah, actually, you know what? I’ll read the little intro here because it is good.

“How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life? When I was young, I took things for granted. I believe many other kids did so as well. After all, we were young and we didn’t know what life could be like on the other side. Then slowly as I grew up, I began to appreciate things around me more. As I saw more and more of the world out there, I realized all the things I’ve been given are not rights, but privileges. I realized that being literate is not a right, but a gift. I realized that there is a lot of war and violence in the world and I’m lucky to live in a country where it’s safe and peaceful. I realized that there are people out there who don’t have their five senses and to have mine is a gift. I realized that the world is so beautiful and we are lucky to live in such an amazing world. Sometimes it’s easy to feel bad because you’re going through a tough time in life. However, remember that no matter how bad your situation may seem, there are tens of thousands of things to be grateful for in life. Below is a simple list of things that I’m grateful for in my life. Most of the items, if not all, will apply to all of you. I’m sure as you read this list you’ll think of many more things to be grateful for. Feel free to add on in the comments box below. I would love to read them.”

And I’ll ask you guys, that would be great to get some interactivity from you. We would love if you got on the VIP Facebook group or just emailed us and just let us know the things that you’re thankful for, beyond this list. And it would be fun to tally that up and see all these things, and it’ll certainly be inspiring to Tim and I. There’s so many things that were grateful for. We’re going to run through this list and then if we have time, we’ll maybe hit up some of our own.

Tim:          Tack on a couple extras.

Shawn:      Yeah, so I’m going to run through the first half and then Tim can run through the second half. So here are 60 things to be grateful for in our lives. And don’t worry, we’re not going to spend ten minutes on each one. [laughs] This is going to be quick. But it’s such a great list. And again, these apply to pretty much everyone. So let’s go through them.

  1. Your parents – for giving birth to you. Because if there is no them, there will not be you.
  2. Your family – for being your closest kin in the world.
  3. Your friends – for being your companions in life.
  4. Sense of sight – for letting you see the colors of life.
  5. Sense of hearing – for letting you hear trickle of rain, the voices of your loved ones, and the harmonious chords of music.
  6. Sense of touch – for letting you feel the texture of your clothes, the breeze of the wind, the hands of your loved ones.
  7. Sense of smell – for letting you smell scented candles, perfumes, and beautiful flowers in your garden.
  8. Sense of taste – for letting you savor the sweetness of fruits, the saltiness of seawater, the sourness of pickles, the bitterness of bitter gourd, and the spiciness of chili.

That’s so well-written. I love this.

Tim:          Yeah.

Shawn:                9.     Your speech – for giving you the outlet to express yourself.

  1. Your heart – for pumping blood to all the parts of your body every second since you were born; for giving you the ability to feel.
  2. Your lungs – for letting you breathe so you can live.
  3. Your immune system – for fighting viruses that enter your body. For keeping you in the pink of your health so you can do the things you love.
  4. Your hands – so you can type on your computer, flip the pages of books, and hold the hands of your loved ones.
  5. Your legs – for letting you walk, run, swim, play the sports you love, and curl up in the comfort of your seat.
  6. Your mind – for the ability to think, to store memories, and to create new solutions.
  7. Your good health – for enabling you to do what you want to do and for what you’re about to do in the future.
  8. Your school – for providing an environment conducive to learning and growing.
  9. Your teachers – for their dedication and for passing down knowledge to you.
  10. Tears – for helping you express your deepest emotions.

I like these couple of ones—tears, disappointment, fears, pain.

  1. Disappointment – so you know the things that matter to you most.
  2. Fears – so you know your opportunities for growth.

That’s a powerful reframing technique, right there, and I love this. Tim and I love talking about reframing.

  1. Pain – for you to become a stronger person.

Love that! This is phenomenal.

  1. Sadness – for you to appreciate the spectrum of human emotions.

Again, love it.

  1. Happiness – for you to soak in the beauty of life.
  2. The Sun – for bringing in light and beauty to this world.
  3. Sunset – for a beautiful sight to end the day.
  4. Moon and stars – for brightening up our night sky.
  5. Sunrise – for a beautiful sight to start the morning.
  6. Rain – for cooling you when it gets too warm and for making it comfy to sleep in on weekends.
  7. Snow – for making winter even more beautiful.

I’ll let Tim take it from here.

Tim:                   31.    Rainbows – for a beautiful sight to look forward to after rain.

  1. Oxygen – for making life possible.
  2. The Earth – for creating the environment for life to begin.
  3. Mother Nature – for covering our world in beauty.
  4. Animals – for adding to the diversity of life.
  5. The Internet – for connecting you and others, despite the physical space between you.
  6. Transportation – for making it easier to commute from one place to another.
  7. Mobile phones – for making it easy to stay in touch with others.
  8. Computers – for making our lives more effective and efficient.
  9. Technology – for making impossible things possible.
  10. Movies – for providing a source of entertainment.
  11. Books – for adding wisdom into your life.
  12. Blogs – for connecting you with other like-minded people.
  13. Shoes – for protecting your feet when you are out.
  14. Time – for a system to organize yourself and keep track of activities.
  15. Your job – for giving you a source of living and for being a medium where you can add value to the world.
  16. Music – for lifting your spirits when you’re down and for filling your life with more love.
  17. Your bed – for you to sleep comfortably in every night.
  18. Your home – for a place you can call home.
  19. Your soulmate – for being the one who understands everything you’re going through.
  20. Your best friends – for being there for you whenever you need them.
  21. Your enemies – for helping you uncover your blind spots, so you can become a better person.
  22. Kind strangers – for brightening up your days when you least expect it.
  23. Your mistakes – for helping you to improve and become better.
  24. Heartbreaks – for helping you mature and become a better person.
  25. Laughter – for serenading your life with joy.
  26. Love – for letting you feel what it means to truly be alive.
  27. Life’s challenges – for helping you grow and become who you are.
  28. Life – for giving you the chance to experience all that you’re experiencing, and will be experiencing in time to come.

And last but not least,

60:    You – For being who you are and touching the world with your presence.

Shawn:      Man, just let that soak in a minute. That’s just so good. Tim and I can cover the ones that we think kind of stick out here and then we can each cover some things that we’re thankful for. But I’ll tell you what pops out of this list for me is one, it’s a great list of just yes, we’re blessed with so many things. And you’ve heard before about you’re here, you’re alive, you have your senses, you can walk. And those are definitely things to be cognizant of and appreciate. But the ones that really stick out to me are the ones that are “negative,” as most people would think: tears, disappointment, fear, pain, sadness. And then it gets down into your mistakes, heartbreaks.

I mean, let me just roll through those couple again and read them again because the reframing here is what I love. And these are things that when you’re working on your gratitude journal, which we deeply recommend that you do to transform your life, think about these other things that you should be thankful for, that play a huge role in who you are in being human, and the experience of life. You need these things.

So “Tears — for helping you express your deepest emotions. 20. Disappointment – so you know the things that matter to you most. Fears – so your opportunities for growth.” I mean, how cool is that? So you know your opportunities for growth. “Pain — for you to become a stronger person.” I mean, that’s the stoic mentality right there is like “The Obstacle is the Way.” The pain, for you to become a stronger person. What’s the old adage in the gym? “No pain, no gain.” I mean, that’s what they’re saying here. This is the way you become stronger. Without pain, there is no stronger you. You’re a weaker version of yourself. You’re a non-compelling version of yourself. You need the tears, the disappointment, the fears, the pain, the sadness, to become that great person, for you to appreciate all the amazing things in your life.

And sadness, it says, “For you to appreciate the spectrum of human emotions.” And then the last couple, “Your mistakes — for helping you to improve and become better.” And we’ve talked about that mistakes aren’t even necessarily mistakes, they’re experiments. They are ways to go on your path and to get better. Stop viewing them as failures and start viewing them as experiments. And it’s what’s leading you to bigger and better things. It’s what’s leading you to your mastery. You’re trying. You’re out there doing it, and that’s something to be proud of.

People that don’t make “mistakes”—I don’t know whether I want to use that word or not. It’s almost the word “diet.” But people that don’t make mistakes aren’t trying. Which would you rather be? A person trying, a person that’s out there doing it, that’s going to succeed? There’s some quote that I think we’ve talked about on the show once with baseball. Like the guy is just swinging and swinging and swinging. And most people would stop swinging for the fences to get that homerun. And after a couple tries, they’d be embarrassed and they’d walk away because everyone’s watching them. And there’s going to be one guy who just keeps swinging, keeps swinging. Everyone’s like, “When is this guy going to stop? Please stop. Enough already.” And on his 20th try, he cranks that homerun, and that’s all anyone remembers. That’s the guy who hit the homerun. So, stop beating yourself up. You’re the person trying.

The last one was “Heartbreaks — for helping you mature and become a better person.” I mean, that’s where empathy comes from, where you where you care about people. You recognize the hurt in others. If everything was just sunshine and rainbows, then you wouldn’t see that in other people. You wouldn’t be there to help other people. You wouldn’t have that empathy. There’s so much to be grateful for and in all sides of your life that are beautiful, that are so much a part of your life experience that you should appreciate.

Tim:          Yeah, 100%, Shawn. I think you emphasized the “your mistakes” one there. And your wife, Shelley, had actually sent us a quote recently that I wanted to share from Oscar Wilde. And it says, “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” and I thought that was pretty fitting for this.

Shawn:      Nice.

Tim:          That was a good quote, a great summation of those things. It’s hard, man. When we’re in the midst of some of these struggles, sometimes it’s hard to be grateful for them or to know what’s going to come of them. But you gave that great quote before about connecting the dots. Even if in the moment it’s really hard to be grateful for something that seems challenging or some trial or tribulation. After the fact, and after you see what that led to, maybe you can have that hindsight to say, “You know what? I am grateful for that. It was really hard to lose that person or to go through that breakup, or to make that mistake, but you know what? I wouldn’t be where I am today if that didn’t happen and I’m grateful for that.”

Maybe it’s hard to say that I’m grateful for something challenging right in the moment. If you can do that, kudos to you, because it is tough. But take a take a look back and look at some of those things that maybe caused you some grief before. And maybe by doing that you can help someone else who’s going through something that is challenging for them in their lives.

I think one of the things that stood out for me—maybe this is because I’m a parent now—but one of the ones that stood out for me was the gratitude for parents. And the author of this article talked about how when we’re kids we don’t know life any differently. It is what it is. This is one of the things that we think that we’re entitled to are actual privileges that not everyone is entitled to. So, it’s taken me 30-some-odd years to thank my parents for certain things. Like all the rides that my mom gave me to and from practice or just those things. And it’s never too late to say thank you, right? So part of that 30-day gratitude challenge might be reaching out to someone to say thank you for something that happened a long time ago or something that they did for you. Anyway that one, the parents one really stood out to me.

Shawn:      Yeah, that’s cool.

Tim:          And I thought the “Your soulmate” one was another really good one. So, for me, in my life with Amy, my wife. She not only understands everything that I’m going through—I don’t know that’s the right way. She shows me a great deal of empathy and wants to understand, and I think that’s important. So, for me, the takeaways are the people, and not just the experiences and the things, and those things around you, but being grateful for people. Because we’re all doing this. [laughs] We’re all in this game of life together, and we’re all doing our best.

Shawn:      Well, you have to be appreciative. We’re all on the planet trying to survive, right? I mean that’s innate in our DNA is survive this. And when someone takes time out and spends energy, expends energy on you, you should be appreciative of that because they don’t have to. They don’t have to do that. And you don’t have to do that for others. I mean, we should be aware of and appreciative of people spending time on us and us spending time on them, and enriching our lives instead of just surviving through it. It’s enriching our lives. And the more people that we have deep relationships with, the richer you are. Richness doesn’t come from money, doesn’t come from Ferraris, doesn’t come from famousness and all this stuff. It comes from how many amazing, deep, quality relationships you have.

And even if you just have one, then you’re truly blessed. If it’s one deep, amazing relationship, that’s more than so many people in this world. People are dying every day. Not of cancer, not of all these things, but of loneliness. People are dying out there. It literally can kill you. There’s tons of data on this. And it can set forth some of these diseases, potentially, like cancer. But loneliness is a powerful thing and there’s so many people that are alone in the world and feel they have no one to call, no one to connect with. When trouble hits them, they experience it all by themselves and it’s devastating. Think about how blessed you are when you can call someone, when you come home and you say, “[sigh] Honey, I got in a car accident. It’s terrible, it’s traumatizing. I’m okay, but the car is all messed up and blah-blah.”

You can tell the whole story and what if you don’t have anyone? What if you come home and there’s no one? You should be thankful that you have people in your life, that you have friends, that you have family, that you have a loved one, if you have that. But just be thankful. I mean, even a pet. Sometimes that can be a deep and powerful relationship where they’re just connected to you, excited to see you when you come home. And there is so much to be thankful for, that we should have gratitude over. And I agree with Tim, there’s beauty all through the world, in the places and the things, and even in Ferraris. [chuckles] I mean, those can be beautiful, artistic, amazing things that someone has built and thought of, and dreamed up. And it’s certainly awe-inspiring.

But certainly, what trumps everything is just the people in your life and what a blessing that is to just have people that love you and care about you in your life. Never take those things for granted. If you’re doing your gratitude journal, start there and end there every day. I mean, yes, it’s great to have breath in your lungs and a beating heart and a roof over your head and all that stuff, but man, all that would almost mean nothing without the people.

Tim:          Yeah, 100%. And just one thing to tack on to that, too, Shawn, is I think we to look at the flip side a lot of times. Like look at the other side of the coin, so to speak. And I know a lot of us live busy, fast-paced lives, and we’re on to the next thing really quickly. And sometimes someone might be reaching out to us to tell us something, to tell us about their day, because they need someone to talk to. Just take a moment to listen and be that person for somebody else.

Shawn:      Yes, and we’ve talked about mindfulness and being present in other shows, and that is a powerful thing. There’s nothing, I think, more offensive to do to someone. I mean, I think it’s worse than telling someone you hate them or insulting them, or anything, than when they reach out to you and they need you, and you’re ignoring them on some level. If you’re distracted, if you’re looking at your phone scrolling through stuff, if you’re watching TV, if you’re folding clothes while you’re talking to them, you need to recognize. I mean, there might be a time when you’re just task-oriented with another person and you can “multitask.” But if someone’s saying something where they’re sharing to you or emotional, stop. Literally, stop everything else that you’re doing. Even if you did pull your car over, then pull your car over. If you have to go lay down in your bedroom and close your eyes just to focus and listen to them, then go do that.

Because how often does someone reach out to you and really ask for your help? And sometimes your help is just you listening attentively. So, I would implore you to give someone the attention they deserve; otherwise, it’s just incredibly rude. And it’s not something you’d want.

Tim:          Right.

Shawn:      If you take the time—let’s say you’re hurting inside. Let’s say someone that you care about, someone just broke up with you, divorced you, or whatever, and you’re just devastated. And you call someone and say, “Hey, Jim, do you have a second. I really need to talk to someone about this, and I thought of you first. And I’m calling you as my friend,” which is powerful that they bothered to think of you, call you, and then you’re going to be distracted and you’re going to play on your phone or watch TV or mess with your dog or be out doing something out in the yard, or whatever. No. Give this person your full, undivided attention. And if you’re truly too busy, and you literally can’t stop and give them the attention they need, say, “I need to get through this one thing. I am all about you and helping you and getting through this with you. I’m here for you. Give me an hour to get through this and I will rearrange my day and I’m going to come to you. I’m going to find a way for us to work on this together and give you my full attention and focus, because I care about you.” Isn’t that what you’d want?

Tim:          Yeah.

Shawn:      I mean, [chuckles] that’s what I’d want. So, be the person that’s like that saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Be that person. The stuff that you want to see from other people, be that person.

Tim:          Right. That’s awesome, Shawn. And I think this comes back to awareness and mindfulness again, because your first inclination might be that—even if it’s body language or something that you say, like “Yeah, fine. I’m really busy, but okay, what’s up?” Be aware of what you might say to that person who might be in a fragile state.

Shawn:      Yeah.

Tim:          Or maybe it’s something really awesome that they want to share with you and it’s a big celebration.

Shawn:      That’s true too. Yes, yes.

Tim:          You’re like “Yeah, yeah, sure, what’s up?” And they were just inflated and you totally deflated their balloon.

Shawn:      Totally.

Tim:          So, be mindful of those things. And a little bit of a light-hearted way to kind of finish that thought is this is hard-programmed in our body to get attention when we want it, to have the undivided attention.

We don’t watch a whole lot of TV in our house. And again, it’s my wife, myself and our two-and-a-half year-old daughter. [laughs] And it was a Saturday night, college football. Texas was playing Texas Tech. I went to Texas. My wife, Amy, went to Texas Tech, so kind of a big deal in our house.

Shawn:      A house divided. [laughs]

Tim:          It was a little divided. I will not say which side Parker was on, although she was putting up her Hook ’em Horns all day. [chuckles] Anyway, so we put the game on and a minute or two into the game Texas is driving—no, it must have been a little bit further down. Texas is driving the ball and Parker’s realizing that I’m watching the TV more than I’m watching her. She literally goes over, grabs the remote, turns off the TV.

Shawn:      [laughs]

Tim:          Done with that, dad.

Shawn:      That’s awesome. That is so awesome. You should be grateful for just fun memories like that.

Tim:          I’m so grateful for that, yeah. It’s so wonderful to share that. Absolutely.

Shawn:      And see, if you’re not mindful in the moment, you can’t even appreciate the beauty of those moments. You know what I mean?

Tim:          Yeah, exactly.

Shawn:      If you’re distracted and you’re focused on the game, you just find that moment annoying and frustrating. And instead of recognizing the funniness, the beauty of the moment, and collecting that moment, you discard that moment.

Tim:          Yeah.

Shawn:      And it’s gone.

Tim:          Don’t worry. She got a full tickle punishment.

Shawn:      [laughs]

Tim:          It was hilarious. And you’re absolutely right, Shawn. Man, we keep coming back to mindfulness and awareness, and just being present in so many things and that was awesome. I appreciate you saying that.

Shawn:      Yeah, thank you. So, the Steve Jobs quote that we’ve talked about a few times, I have the actual quote here. It’s the Steve Jobs connect-the-dots quote. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

I believe that was at a commencement, and it was shortly before he passed away of cancer. And certainly one of the great visionaries of our time, transcended the company, Apple. If you think about the mind that he had and the vision he had. I remember that he chose to look at typeset and fonts and make his Apple computer different by working on fonts. And now you think about the million fonts we have on the computer to choose from. That was him. Initially computers just had the ASCII whatever, the set digital looking font.

Tim:          DOS or whatever.

Shawn:      Yeah, exactly. And he wanted to think differently, to quote Apple. But I mean, if you think about how he impacted our society and every device we have, and the way we carry out life. I mean, think about all the apps on your phone and the way you interact with your phone, and use the maps on your phone. Yes, there’s other companies obviously involved, but there’s so much to that tapestry, if you will. That spider web that is associated with Steve Jobs and his vision, it’s incredible. It’s incredible to think about all the ways he’s kind of imprinted our lives and impacted our society. And I love that he was certainly a visionary. And to hear from a visionary that I think can see things sometimes better than other people can see looking forward, it’s great to have that quote from him about connecting the dots looking backwards. And how proud he should be, in his afterlife wherever he is, or certainly his family of him, of the dots that he connected for sure.

Yeah, so I just definitely want to wrap this up and say I’m grateful for the article finished with “You,” you, the listener, and certainly you, Tim.

Tim:          You too, brother.

Metabolic Age Quiz

Shawn:      I do love you, Tim, and I think this show is amazing because of you. And I relish the opportunity to sit here across the desk from you, and I think it’s what makes the show so great, and I’m so proud of the show. When I look back at all the episodes we’ve recorded, I connect those dots and I feel very proud of them. And I am extremely thankful to you, the listener. Grateful for you that you do listen, that you give your thoughts, your reviews, your questions. You support the show, you share it with your friends, you tell them to listen. And that you’re, most importantly, taking this information and changing your life and the people around you. You’re educating them on nutrition, on supplements, on mindset, on all these pieces of advice that can help them be a better person.

I do encourage you, again. I’m going to say it one more time. That 30-day challenge, please do this with me, with us. Tim and I are doing it. The VIP community will be doing it. But one person a day for 30 days, reach out to them and

  1. Say something that you’re thankful to them for and have gratitude over.
  2. Tell them their area of genius, because everyone’s amazing at something they’re incredible at, and acknowledge that.
  3. Offer yourself, give yourself in service to them and say, “How can I help you? How can I deepen our relationship? How can I be of service to you? How can I listen to you? I want to be there for you and be that incredible person to you, that you are to me.”

And I just want to see how your world changes as a result. And Tim and I will be doing this with you and we’re going to do a show on it, where we talk about our experiences. And I have a feeling that there’s going to be some profound things that happen. And so, I’d encourage you to join us and do this. And I think that would excite me more than anything we’ve done to this point, to hear just from you just some of the cool stories that could come up. So I think that could be pretty awesome. So, thank you. We have gratitude for you. Have an awesome day and thanks again for listening.

Tim:    Thanks, guys.