10+ Free Workouts You Can Do from Home

Free Workouts You Can Do at Home

There may not be any such thing as a “free lunch,” but there are definitely free workouts you can do from home. If your regular gym or fitness center is ever unavailable for any length of time, or money becomes shorter than usual, don’t worry: You can still get in a great workout without breaking the bank or even leaving the house!

So, What Are Some of the Possibilities for Free Workouts You Can Do from Home?

Some programs are paid memberships but offer great free trials. Others are completely free and may have options for in-app purchases, and lastly, some programs are typically paid workout programs, yet due to recent circumstances, many of these companies are temporarily offering their home workouts for free.

Check out some of the options below. You’ll quickly realize that you’ll have workouts galore to last you quite some time without ever getting bored.

10 Free Workouts You Can DO From Home

1. Beach Body—this online community allows for both paid memberships and free access to a Team Beachbody account. The free account allows you to have a personal online coach to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals and gives you complementary access to the Beach Body On-Demand community.

Paid upgrades offer streaming workouts, including yoga, dance classes, online cardio, strength training sessions, and more. You also have access to workout calendars and programs that help you track your progress. Learn more here: Beach Body On-Demand

2. Peloton—this in-home cardio bicycle or treadmill is a game changer for a lot of folks. It’s a spin bike or treadmill setup you can use on your own, or you can join live online classes with an instructor. They also offer scenic “routes” you can follow on a screen. A 30-day free trial is available and includes thousands of classes and many types of workouts. You can also enjoy the free trial of classes without purchasing the equipment, which is quite expensive. Learn more here: Peloton

3. All-Out Studio—this program offers a free 14-day trial and is designed for all fitness levels. Whether you’re interested in resistance training, flexibility, cardio workouts, yoga, high-intensity interval classes, dance classes, kettlebell programs, or conditioning, they have it all. New programs are offered each month in the various categories, so you never have to be bored and can always try new fitness routines. Learn more here: All-Out Studio

4. Nike Training Club—this is an app that offers a variety of workouts designed by trainers at Nike. You can choose from 15-, 30-, or 45-minute workout programs which are illustrated to help you follow along. If you want additional nutritional advice, there is an upgraded paid version of the program as well. Learn more here: Nike Training Club

5. Popsugar Fitness—this website offers a ton of free workouts, fitness and nutrition tips, and more. Choose from any of the following: 5-, 10-, 20-, 30-, or 45-minute workouts, HIIT workouts, treadmill workouts, jump roping, kettlebell training, resistance band workouts, and others. There are articles as well as videos to choose from. They also have most of their workouts posted on their YouTube channel for your ease of use. Learn more here: Popsugar Fitness

6. Yoga with Adriene—this yogi believes everyone should be able to experience the benefits of yoga. She says we are all connected, and it’s important to learn to breathe and be aware. Her YouTube channel is packed with free access to workouts, and her website offers even more with free downloadable, clickable calendars and playlists for each month. And each month offers a different “theme” to focus on such as Meditate, Create, and Nurture. She also offers a paid membership with a free trial called “Find What Feels Good” Yoga with access to over 700 videos for all levels as well as the opportunity to connect with her global community. Learn more here: Yoga with Adriene

7. FitON—offers free workouts you can stream to your device. Choose from cardio classes, dance and Barre, HIIT, yoga and Pilates, strength training, toning and even pre- and post-natal workouts with professional trainers. This app is truly free, and all of these workouts are available as they don’t believe in charging people to help them improve their health. The site also offers an info-packed blog that features nutrition, wellness, and fitness articles. And you can upgrade to a very affordable paid option that adds meal planning, recipes, a greater variety of playlists, and some other perks. That said, they aren’t kidding with all of the free workouts and personalized fitness plans. They consider fitness to be a “movement” and are happy to help! Learn more here: FitON

8. YMCA360—these health and fitness videos can be streamed to your device free of charge and are suitable for the elderly or for beginners or those coming back from injury. With classes like barre, yoga, tai chi, bootcamp style classes, and more, YMCA360 offers a variety of workouts that won’t intimidate. Learn more here: YMCA360

9. Fitness Blender—this website is dedicated to making fitness affordable and accessible to everyone, regardless of access to a fitness facility or level of income. Designed by a husband and wife team of personal trainers, Fitness Blender provides full-length workouts videos. You also have the option to upgrade to a paid membership where you can get customized training programs as well as a community and nutritional guidance. Learn more here: Fitness Blender

10. Runner’s World—if you enjoy running and getting fit for running programs, check out the free workouts on the Runner’s World Instagram account led by their Coach Jess. Not exclusively a site for runners, these 15-minute bodyweight workouts will have you ready to hit the road in no time. Learn more here: Runner’s World

Other Free Workouts You Can Do From Home

No matter what type of work out you’re looking for, you can find it online—often for free or with a free trial. While the options above are focused on class-like videos, you can also enjoy a variety of workouts you can do at your own pace in or out of the gym. In fact, we provide new workouts nearly every week right here on the BioTRUST blog. Some of our favorites include:

And if you just need a little extra motivation to start your workout, here are 40+ Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Working Out

Now all you have to do is pick a workout and hit it. And if you don’t like that one (or even if you do), you can try a different one tomorrow! Let us know which one(s) is your favorite in the comments section below.