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Body Transformation

Have you fought tooth and nail to lose weight only to put it right back on—and then some? Have you hit that age where it seems like, despite your best efforts, weight gain is inevitable? Whether you’re sick and tired, feeling helpless, or more motivated than ever to transform your body, you’re going to want to tune into this episode of the BioTrust Radio podcast where Shawn and Tim interview 53-year-old Tammy Kelty, the Grand-Prize Winner of our 12-Week Shape Up Challenge, who reveals the secrets of her “life-changing” and “life-giving” transformation, which earned her an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii and $2,500 cash to boot! Now it’s YOUR turn…YOU CAN DO IT!

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In this episode of the BioTrust Radio podcast, we interview Tammy Kelty, the Grand-Prize winner of the 2017 BioTrust Shape Up Challenge. Like so many people, Tammy had experienced the frustration of doing everything she could to lose 5 pounds only to gain it all back and more. At 53 years young, Tammy had gotten to the point where weight gain seemed inevitable, and she was on the verge of throwing in the towel on her weight loss goals.

Motivated to give it her best effort one more time, Tammy entered the 12-Week BioTrust Shape Up Challenge. Thanks to her hard work and determination; support, accountability, and motivation from the BioTrust VIP group; and help from some key BioTrust supplements, this time was different for Tammy. In fact, her body transformation wasn’t just “life-changing”, it was “life-giving”. And after dropping over 30 pounds and 7 ½ inches from her waist, Tammy earned herself an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, $2,500 cash, a $1,000 donation to her favorite charity, and several other great prizes, including free BioTrust supplements and gear.

Tune in as Shawn and Tim talk with Tammy about the keys to her transformation success. Tammy reveals how mantras (such as “don’t quit”, “be honest with yourself”, and “you can’t eat until you exercise”); advice about “quality weight loss”; exercise (HIIT); social support, accountability, and coaching (from the BioTrust VIP group); a high-protein diet; reading nutrition labels; and key supplements helped her accomplish an incredible transformation that exceeded even her own wildest expectations.

We’re sure that you’ll be inspired to take the next step in your own personal transformation. And if you’re interested in winning great prizes while you’re at it, just head on over to the private Facebook BioTrust VIP group to learn how you can enter the 2018 BioTrust 12-Week Shape Up Challenge. You got this!

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The views and opinions shared by guests of BioTrust Radio are those of their own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of BioTrust. Tammy Kelty’s results represent our most successful participants in the 12-Week Shape Up Challenge. She achieved extraordinary results by consistently using BioTrust supplements along with regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet. Overall, 21 participants who completed the BioTrust 12-Week Shape Up Challenge lost, on average, 18.2 pounds. Of course, participants who quit and did not complete the 12-Week Challenge lost little, if any, weight. As individuals vary, so too will results, even using the same program.

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Body Transformation

Tim: Hey everybody. Coach Tim here. Thanks for tuning in to BioTrust Radio. Shawn and I have another awesome episode in store for you today. But before we dig in, I have some really exciting news that I want to share with you.

As you know, we’re all about helping people live healthier, happier, more productive lives, and there’s nothing more that we want to do for you right now than help you get 2018 off to an exceptional start. That’s why BioTrust is kicking off a 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge. According to Productivity and Success Coach, Craig Ballantyne, there are five pillars to getting into great shape and achieving an incredible body transformation:

  1. Better planning and preparation
  2. Social support
  3. Accountability
  4. Incentive
  5. The big deadline.

Well, the BioTrust 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge incorporates all of those elements to ensure your health and fitness success in the new year. For starters, you can win some incredible prizes while getting healthier, including an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Maui, Hawaii, along with $2,500 cash for the grand prize winner. We’ll also be doling out several other great cash prizes, including $500 to four participants who are leading the pack at the four-week mark, who we call the Four Week Sprint Winners.

In addition, there’s going to be other prizes, like BioTrust t-shirts, BioTrust customized YETIs, which are awesome, for losing 10, 20, and 30 pounds along the way. Little milestone prizes to keep you motivated and keep you forging ahead, even when things get difficult.

We held a similar body transformation challenge in 2017 and we had incredible results. We had about 54 entrants, and of the entry pool, 22 people crossed the finish line. That 40% success rate is phenomenal. On average, in most of these body transformation contests what I’ve seen is that about 5% of people who join, actually finish, so eight times that is really exceptional. Among those people that actually crossed the finish line, they lost over 400 pounds, which represented about 10% of their initial starting weight. That is impressive.

So taking part in the body transformation challenge is super simple. All you’re going to have to do is head over to and fill out of before form and participate in our private VIP Facebook Group. All you really need to do is just head over to Facebook, search “BioTrust VIP,” or if you’re already a member, go to the VIP group and we’ll give you all the details there. Our coaches, the community, everybody will fill you in on what you need to do. So just head over to Facebook, search “BioTrust VIP,” check out the VIP Facebook page and we’ll help you out there.

Speaking of that private group, we’ll just have to say that it’s a key ingredient to success in your personal transformation. In fact, in our last body transformation challenge, each of the winners cited the Facebook community as a major factor in their success. There you’re going to get free coaching from our experts, including myself of course, and you’re also going to be able to get encouragement, motivation, an additional layer of accountability from other folks who are participating in the body transformation challenge just like you. So when things get tough, people understand what you’re going through. You can even get a little sense of competition. This person’s having some success and you’ll want to fall in line with them. It’s just a great environment to keep you rolling forward and to keep everyone getting healthier together. That social support is tremendous.

The body transformation contest officially begins on January 8th and the signup period is open right now. So just head on over to the private group, get all the details, and get started on your body transformation. No need to wait. Just head over there. Because we look forward to seeing you, and we look forward to making 2018 the year for you getting into great shape. So, we’ll see you at the private Facebook group, where you can learn all the details about our 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge. And if you have any questions, just ask us over there.

For now, we’re going to head into this episode of BioTrust Radio, which we think you’ll really enjoy and get a lot out of. We look forward to seeing you over at the VIP group. Thanks guys.

Shawn: All right, well let’s start it off. Welcome back to BioTrust Radio. We have a very special edition here. We have the normal hosts, Tim and Shawn—Shawn Wells and Tim Skwiat. I think you’re used to us by now, hopefully, if you’ve been listening to the podcast. And we have a very special guest today. Do you want to introduce her, Tim?

Tim: I do, I do, Shawn. We have Tammy Kelty, who was the winner of our 2017 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge which took place from the end of July through the beginning October this past year. Just a quick background on Tammy. Tammy’s 53 years old. She lives in Tennessee and is from Kentucky. During the body transformation challenge she lost over 30 pounds.

Shawn: That’s crazy, insane.

Tim: Well, to put that in perspective, Shawn, it’s not just 30 pounds; it was over 16% of her initial starting weight. We’ve talked about this before, that usually 5-10% of weight loss is kind of that benchmark for making significant improvements in overall health. So she far exceeded that within a 12-week period of time. We’ll maybe get into this in the interview a little bit. You and I have talked about this before, but the quality of that weight loss was what mattered, and that was something that Tammy and I spoke about during her body transformation journey. In addition to that, Tammy also lost 7-1/2 inches from her waistline, which is tremendous.

Shawn: Wow.

Tim: Again, Shawn, you and I have talked about how that visceral obesity or that that belly fat is the most dangerous.

Shawn: Life-saving, yeah. And if you lose it, it’s lifesaving really.

Tim: Exactly. So that’s a little background about Tammy, our cheerleader.

Shawn: That’s so awesome, Tammy, and you’re really going to be, I think, a hero to many listening. You’re a real person. This isn’t someone like me or Tim getting in the gym and we have all this trainer knowledge, and people think it’s so easy for us to do the things we do. But it’s so inspirational, I think, when the every person out there can accomplish something when they put their mind to it. And you’re certainly not the “every person” in that you’ve accomplished something that most people find almost impossible. But that’s going to be what we’ll get into is how you did the “impossible.”

Tim, so what were the rules for this body transformation contest and how many people entered? Maybe you can give us a little breakdown of that.

Tim: Sure.

Shawn: And then what was the things that they could win.

Tim: Yeah, absolutely. I think just a little background that the inspiration for the body transformation challenge came from our Co-Founder, Josh Bezoni. He saw that his family was getting to the point where they needed some motivation to get healthier, and he himself was just very busy and saw his body changing in the wrong direction. So he did this little mini body transformation challenge among his family, about 30 people or so, and they lost on average for these 30 people, they lost over 20 pounds a person, over 12 weeks. He kind of found that this recipe for success was creating this Facebook group and doing some BioTrust Low Carb Shakes. And he said, “If my family can do this then we can get our customers to do something similar.”

So we started this 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge. We created this VIP Facebook group, which anyone listening can join. We basically created that for social support and accountability, where you can get free coaching, you can get encouragement and inspiration, and so on.

The criteria, basically, for the 12-week body transformation challenge was—it’s not just weight loss, it’s about body transformation. So we do take different measurements that we talked about relative weight loss. We did a waist circumference, so we’re looking at that the amount of weight that’s being lost from the belly area, which is an important one. And then we have folks take before-and-after photos, which is something that I want to touch on with Tammy also.

But in addition to those actual body transformation variables and other pieces of criteria is your participation in our Facebook group. We want you to be very active, encouraging others, telling others what you’re doing. So that accountability layer. Those are the main criteria. Of course, you have to use a BioTrust product throughout the duration of the body transformation challenge. That speaks for itself. That’s something that we one, believe is a very important part of the body transformation; but two, just an eligibility thing.

We actually had 54 people enter the body transformation contest, only 22 of whom crossed the finish line. I say “only,” but really in reality that’s nearly half. It’s a little less than half. It’s about 40% of the people. But on average, I would say in my previous experience, only about 5%, maybe 10% of people that entered these types of body transformation challenges actually finish. So, the fact that we had 8 times that was really impressive to me. Of those 22 finishers, they cumulatively lost over 400 pounds. On average they lost over 10% of their initial starting weight. That’s huge. And that’s like two or three humans huge.

Shawn: That’s awesome. And as a result, Tammy gets to go to where?

Tim: Maui. She’s going to Maui.

Tammy: Maui. Aloha.

Tim: Tammy is the grand prize winner of the body transformation contest, 7-day all-expenses-paid trip to Maui. She’s taking her husband. She also got $2,500 cash.

Shawn: Wow.

Tim: And we donated $1,000 to the charity of her choice, which was what Tammy?

Tammy: The Central Kentucky Riding for Hope.

Tim: Awesome.

Tammy: They do the horseback riding. They start out with Down syndrome, but now even veterans and anyone that’s having a tough time do therapy there. And the money, the donation, it just means so much. Every penny is going to dramatically change and help them.

Tim: One other thing is what Tammy’s wearing and bringing. She brought a couple of our prizes with her. She’s got a BioTrust t-shirt on, which she burned went she lost 20 pounds. And one of the very few BioTrust customized yetis, which she and I think three or four other people received when they hit the 30 pound down mark.

Tammy: I actually won the body transformation competition because I wanted the yeti so bad, to be honest about it. I was going for the 30-lb down for this yeti, and that was my motivation.

Tim: I just have this plain old one here. I mean, gosh Tammy, I’m getting a little jealous.

Shawn: You need to lose some weight, Tim. No, I was just kidding. Tim’s in great shape. So Tammy, I have some questions. What would you attribute to your body transformation success? Other people have obviously tried and failed, not just in this body transformation challenge but just in general, there’s a lot of people that say, “Gosh, I’d love to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks.” I mean, what was the secret for you?

Tammy: Well, obviously, the BioTrust protein is different. I’m so glad I took that leap of faith. I’m 53. You hear people all the time talking about trying to lose weight and it was amazing when they quit eating the bag of Oreos a day they lost weight. And I remember thinking if I ate a bag of Oreos a day, I’d be the size of a barn. This body transformation has been a years’ journey for me; 8 years minimum, maybe 10. I’ve lost track of time. And constantly, no matter what I did, my weight continued up.

So, many times I’ve started to just give up. It’s like, you know, if I’m going to get this big why not at least enjoy my milkshakes? Why not just give up and have what I want? Why am I suffering still to continue up? I continued up, no matter when I was trying to eat healthy, I was watching calorie counts. When someone like you guys would have probably lost 10 pounds a week, I was going up.

So, I’ve been searching for the answer a long time. I knew I needed protein, but proteins I had done and things I had done and I still hadn’t lost weight. I might lose just a few pounds—and I’m talking 5 to 7—if, after a lot of struggle and then I would just shoot up to the next level. You know, you always talk about the yo-yo effect and how you keep climbing like a skyscraper. I was broaching the 200. I mean, it’s so embarrassing to even admit it now, and I was desperate. I think I told Tim I felt like I was drowning in my own body fat. My body was drowning me. And when I read Josh Bezoni’s emails and learned about the BioTrust Protein, he made some hefty promises. I remember reading it. He even used the word “promise,” and I thought, “You know what? I’m holding you to that. I don’t know you, Josh, but I’m holding you to those promises.”

I am so glad I took that leap of faith because the protein was different. I read Dr. Roberson—I hope I pronounced his name right.

Shawn: That’s my doctor.

Tammy: He is awesome. I read his letter that you put in with the protein, in the beginning. And I hung in there for that three months because I thought they’ve made hefty promises, they really believe in the products, and they have a year empty bottle money-back guarantee. So these are people that really believe in their products that don’t plan to have to refund money because they know they work. And as I read that letter over and over—I can’t tell you how many times because when my body kind of wanted to go up, it’s scary. It’s scary for someone that has tried to eat right and struggled for so many years. It is very nerve-wracking when the scale starts up.

But the protein was different. I felt energy. I felt better. I knew I wasn’t going to return anything pretty quick. And then the challenge came up. And Josh putting his family in that body transformation challenge, oh, that just made it relatable. He mentioned his mom, his aunts, their ages, and saying they’ve never been able to lose weight before until now, and that really resonated with me.

So when I started the protein, I felt better. I already knew this was a great product. But then the body transformation challenge started and thank goodness for you, Tim, because I actually lost like three pounds in my first week. I’m like, “Yay!” And then I started up again. But I was using Belly Trim XP. I was working out. There was no doubt I was building muscle. And Tim, thank goodness, sent me the response and that made it different. You know, you have the protein and then you have the interaction with the VIP group, and he was like, “Hey, you’re doing great. We noticed on the scale that my body fat percentage was going down, which it has never before.

Tim like, “You’re getting quality weight loss.” He explained what quality weight loss was. So, I held in there and just hung on, and about three weeks later then it started coming off and my world started changing. I feel like the tortoise that starts out really slow and steady.

Tim: Slow and steady wins the body transformation race.

Tammy: Yep, and then who knew. Trust me, there was no thought of ever winning this challenge at all.

Tim: That reminds me, I was just going to say Tammy had mentioned to me that two of the things that were personal mottos during her body transformation for her were “don’t quit” and “be honest with yourself,” and I think that those are really important because there’s a lot of times that people are going to want to quit and that they aren’t honest with themselves. Maybe they’re sneaking an Oreo or two, maybe not a whole bag. Those were some things that that you repeated to yourself throughout the body transformation challenge, I think, that were really key reminders, key take-home points for other people.

Tammy: Don’t quit is important because if you quit, the results cannot be good. I mean, if I was going up and I wasn’t quitting, where would I be? Sometimes it’s not what you do but what you didn’t do, and how bad it could have been. So there was that determination in me, or stubbornness, really. I can’t consider myself a disciplined person but I’m stubborn. So, “don’t quit” is one of the biggest rules for me.

And then honesty. You have to be honest with yourself. So if you have the Oreo, own it, it’s okay. But then what you need to fix. Even when I was honest and I wasn’t doing Oreos, I wasn’t doing this, I wasn’t doing that, so I kept looking for that knowledge. And when I was honest with myself, it helped me find those answers. Like with you, if I had not been honest about every one of my stats and what was going on and what I was eating, you couldn’t have helped me with your email about quality weight loss.

Tim: Right.

Tammy: No, it would have been the wrong thing. You could have given me the wrong answer, not knowing my whole story. So even if I’m not honest outside, at least be honest with yourself. Completely own what you are and you aren’t doing. That way you can find the answers.

Shawn: Yeah, I wanted to throw out at you, you mentioned a few things, but I want to be clear because we are a dietary supplement company and there are legal landscapes that we’re in. As a dietary supplement company, we don’t cure or fix or anything. This is just part of a healthy diet and nutrition. We definitely don’t plan on curing you of anything, but it’s good you bring those up. Obviously, a lot of people deal with those things.

I wanted to clarify maybe you’re talking about you’ve reached a point in your life. I’m a registered dietician so I’m just going to take a guess here. Are you talking about that you’re dealing with peri- or post-menopausal changes that have made it more difficult for you to maybe deal with your metabolism?

Tammy: I think that’s a great way of putting it because, yes, I’m definitely not medical and I don’t always use the right words. But I can tell you that my body did not respond to things the way I was when I was in my 20s. Maybe that’s the easiest way to say it.

Shawn: Just with diets or supplements and things that you’re trying.

Tammy: But also, from my personal experience, feel that our bodies are kind of miracles. It’s pretty amazing how they operate and how they can fix and heal themselves. And I think if you give yourself the right tools. One of the biggest things that I learned in my body transformation journey was nutrition. If your body’s getting the nutrition that it needs, then a lot of things work better. A lot of things start operating the way they should, and it takes care of cravings and other types of things.

So I feel like with the protein my body was getting from BioTrust protein, I finally was getting quality protein. I was getting the protein I needed, the nutrition I needed. Things started working well. It just took a while for my body to release the fat because I guess it had been in the fight-or-flight mode maybe for eight years is maybe a fair way of saying it.

And it had been recommended to me to find a product called Ashwagandha and I found that through the VIP group. And asking questions, I found that there’s Sensoril in Ageless Body, which is a much stronger, better quality product of Ashwagandha. Am I saying that properly?

Shawn: Yeah.

Tammy:  Ageless Body changed my world. When Tim sent me the text reply post in Facebook VIP, we were going over things he taught me about quality weight loss, I knew I was on the right path. But I also posted, “Hey, does anybody know anything about Ashwagandha? I had been looking for that and I had found that locally you can only find like 1-1/2% or 2% of Ashwagandha in a product. And I knew that even if it was the answer, I wasn’t getting enough. I was buying a bottle with something that said it had it. On the VIP site, when I asked for “does anybody know anything about this,” I got all kinds of responses.

So that’s where this can be different sometimes is you have a community. We have our professional coaches and you’re all science and information, and then you have people like me that are walking the walk and living the life. You know, we’re all different but then we’re all real similar, too, to find the answers. So in the VIP group, I got the answer about how Ageless Body works and why it’s different. And I tried it and the weight really did just start falling off, didn’t it, Tim? I’m sure.


Tammy: I don’t know what my record was for dropping, but we were probably four weeks in before I really started losing. So, my 30 pound body transformation really is from the 4-week mark to the 12-week mark.

Tim: Right. Just to kind of summarize there, Tammy, you had asked about Ashwagandha and I had mentioned that Ageless Body has a type of Ashwagandha in it. Ashwagandha can be standardized for what’s considered the bioactive components of it, and Sensoril is a much higher percentage than most. Five percent is the typical high standardization, but Sensoril is 10%; whereas, a lot of these other ones that you get from the vitamin shops can even be less than that, like 2-1/2% or something.

On top of that, Sensoril has actually been studied, clinically, so there’s some good solid data behind it. One of the things that it seems to help with is stress hormones and overall stress, which probably had an impact on your quality of sleep. You and I had talked about this, you had kind of all the sleep hygiene things already in order. So you were doing many of the things you needed and this was maybe the final piece of the puzzle, which is really cool.

And I like that you pointed out some of the benefits of the VIP community. So we’ve got a couple very important, but overlooked, variables of a successful body transformation. So a lot of people have been down this weight-loss rodeo before. They’ve got a good plan, they’ve got a great diet, they’ve got an exercise plan, but they’re missing two key components that Shawn and I talked about pretty often. One is accountability, which you get from the coaches in the VIP group, and even your peers to a sense. If Tammy’s there every day checking in and she’s out for a day or two, people are tagging you in posts and saying “Hey, Tammy, how’s things going?” So there’s accountability there.

But there’s also that social support which is tremendous, like encouragement saying, “Hey, great job. You dropped a few pounds this week.” But two, “You know what? This week kind of sucked, but we’re all going through the same thing and this week kind of sucked for me.” So knowing that everyone’s on that same playing field. Everyone’s going through different stuff, but everyone’s going through the same stuff on certain levels, too. So that VIP community is a key ingredient, in my opinion, for body transformation success from that standpoint.

Tammy: If I could interject. The VIP group, too, is very motivating when you’re like, “You know what? Something ain’t going right this week,” or “I didn’t lose.” And then you hear somebody else’s post, like, “Hey, I went and I did this and maybe 15 minutes more exercise,” or something like that. And you’re kind of like, “Huh, well you know, if I add a little bit more exercise.” But you can do from what they’re getting exercise from and it helps you kind of police yourself in a way. Or maybe I’m slacking a little here. Maybe that’s why I’m not getting results.

Shawn: What was your exercise routine like? What was successful for you?

Tammy: That’s a little embarrassing now. Let’s see, if I remember correctly, I started out that I was just going to stay active physically, because some of the work I do is physical anyway. Then I push-mowed the yard instead of using modern conveniences and riding and things like that. The parking out in the parking lot and things like that, which were great and helped. But I found a 15-minute exercise that—because it’s a piece of a puzzle. You’re not just going to do one magic bullet and all as well. That’s why you can’t quit because you have to figure it out for yourself.

Shawn: Great.

Tammy: But by the time I had the diet, we found the Ageless Body. Somewhere right in that same time, I added a 15-minute exercise, which I guess would technically be a HIIT training.

Shawn: Nice.

Tammy: It’s so easy. And they actually had three videos where one week you do this one every day, the next week you do B every day, the next week to do C every day. And actually, I found that the video A, which I thought was the easiest, I got more results from. So I might do jumping jacks and squats and then I might do 10 push-ups or push-ups for so many seconds, and then I would go back to jumping jacks, squats, reaches, just basic movements, then back to doing planks and that type of thing.

So you were doing muscles and even some isometrics in it. But it was only 15 minutes. And if I do that every day, it’s amazing how much it helps. And it’s like really 15 minutes, if that’s what it takes, I can do it. But you’d still be surprised. I have to horse‑tie myself sometime. I make rules with myself, “It’s fine. You do the exercise when you want, but you can’t eat until you do.”

Shawn: That’s great.

Tammy: The first day it was 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon before I did that dang exercise, and I finally got to eat. So you have to hold yourself accountable somehow. Whatever gains it works to do this, it’s so worth it.

Shawn: You’re actually talking about a lot of strategies that Tim and I have spoken on. That’s funny.

Tammy: I think after eight years of struggle, I’ve done a lot of strategies and I’ve learned myself pretty well, which is why it’s so important to be honest with yourself. It can be something as simple as when I first started really trying to eat healthy and all, I found that I grew up with hot meals on the table, with my mom, as a kid. I found like if I ate salads, I never felt full. Some people grew up with cereal, and if I ate cereal even when I wasn’t back in my days, I never felt full. I never felt satisfied. I finally figured out it was the hot that my brain associated with. I ate and I was full. So I will sauté salad slightly in the skillet; a little warmth, and I’m completely satisfied. So just learning yourself, being honest with yourself, figuring it out. It’s a puzzle.

Shawn: That’s awesome. There is so much there. Tim and I, we talk about high-intensity interval training, Tabata training is like some of the newest, the best strategies that like you said, “Don’t take much time.” I love that you use that strategy of kind of rewarding yourself for your meal, like once you did the exercise. That’s a brilliant strategy. Obviously, understanding yourself. Tim and I have talked about start where you are. Gauge what’s worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. Then you took accountability in with the VIP group. I mean, you’re going down like our checklist. It’s actually pretty awesome stuff.

We’re a big fan of protein in your diet, and I think we’ve talked about, as you age it becomes harder and harder to get enough protein to optimize muscle protein synthesis, which means holding on to your lean body mass which is metabolically active, which keeps your metabolism higher. That was a strategy that Dr. Roberson used as well for his own personal body transformation. Man, that is just a phenomenal. I have maybe two final questions. One, what is your favorite flavor of BioTrust Low Carb Protein, because there’s a bunch; and then two, what are you looking forward most to doing in Maui?

Tammy: Well, favorite flavor, that’s a tough one because it changes, and I didn’t realize it would. I started out with the vanilla and actually didn’t want vanilla, but somehow I had done it through whatever I was trying for the first time. I called customer service and said, “I would have never ordered vanilla,” and he says, “Well, it’s okay, but vanilla’s my favorite. Since you have it, you might want to try it. But you can send it back and swap.” So I tried it and loved vanilla, which never ever in protein. Most the time you could smell protein, you’re like “I’m out,” and BioTrust is so awesome that it just really doesn’t matter.

I actually do my protein pretty much just with water. I’m on the go and I’m so busy and I take it with me. A the lot of times I’ll take the bottle with me with water already in it, measured, and then I can just add a couple scoops out of one of those sample size containers. I’ll travel with it. So, I’m good anywhere I go. I never have to worry about getting hungry or weak. But then I added the milk chocolate, so that was my favorite. Then I tried café mocha and that became my favorite. I live on café mocha. Then not long ago, I tried the chocolate peanut butter, and it was okay. I was still hooked on my cafe mocha, but my taste buds changed and now chocolate peanut butter is my favorite. And then the other day I went back to café mocha and I loved it. I finally tried strawberry banana for the first time and I liked it pretty good. It was definitely refreshing and different, and I’m thinking this summer I may get more adventurous and add ice cubes and things like that. Oh my. [laughs] I’ll pretend it’s my pina colada. [Tim and Shawn laugh]

Milk chocolate, right now, I’m using like hot chocolate. I use a little less water to make it richer and use the hot water to mix it up. Just be real careful when you’re shaking that up or blending, you might spout a little on you when you go to open it. A little pressure in there from the heat. But that as hot chocolate has been awesome. So at this very second, I’m split between café mocha and chocolate peanut butter.

Shawn: Okay.

Tammy: Is that short enough?

Shawn: No, that’s great.

Tim: They’re all your favorite.

Shawn: Yeah, exactly. What about Maui? What are you looking forward to doing the most?

Tammy: Well I’m actually joining the January Body Transformation Challenge.

Shawn: Oh, wow!

Tammy: You would think hey, you did this, so you’re done. But I’m not done with my body transformation. I have more than 30 pounds to lose. When I originally signed up my form and filled out my paperwork, my goals were if I could lose 10 pounds. This will tell you how desperate I was. If I could lose 10 pounds, but if I lost 15, that would be awesome. And, oh, it would be a dream to lose 20 pounds. I mean, that would change my life. And here I am, I lost 30 pounds, over 30 pounds.

What I’ve discovered though is I have more to lose. I probably have at least a solid 15. I’m still trying to figure that out. And I hate to go by the pound numbers so much because that’s the other thing I’ve learned, is it’s not about the number on the scale anymore because I’m building muscle. So sometimes it seems like you go up, but I’m doing the right things and I’m looking better. But my goal for Maui, and I may not make it, but you know what? If I don’t make it, I’m going to look pretty dang awesome, is I’m aiming for wearing a bikini in Maui, and that is my goal.

Shawn: Good for you, good for you.

Tammy: And I’m actually planning to hop into Honolulu, so that we can go to Pearl Harbor and some history there before heading over to Maui. And I plan to meet up with Kathy that was the 2014 winner, and our goal is to do bikini pictures on the beach. Let’s hope that comes to fruition. That’s my biggest goal.

Tim: Awesome. If it’s okay, Shawn, I have one final question.

Tammy: Sorry, I talk too much.

Tim: No, that’s awesome, Tammy. I think what you talked about, it’s not necessarily at this point about a number on a scale, I think it’s nice to have some kind of objective outcome that you can measure as part of creating these smart goals for your body transformation. But what I encourage you to do is visualize yourself in that bikini. Know exactly what you want to look like. Etch that in your mind’s eye. And then when you do that, when you have that vision clearly marked in your mind, every behavior, every attitude, every choice that you make will follow in line. So, establish that vision, paint it, canvas all over your head. I want it to be there and I want you to just everything you do, think about that, like the if-then statements you had, “If I exercise, then I get to eat.” The same thing. If I do this, then this will happen. Okay, so just think about that.

My final question is your body transformation obviously had a tremendous impact on you personally. Like this has been amazing to you in so many different ways. You lost over 30 pounds, you lost over 7 inches from your waist, you improved several markers of overall health. Your energy levels are through the roof, your sleep is great. But I think what, to me, is so tremendous about your body transformation is that it’s transcended you personally and infiltrated the lives of others. Can you talk a little bit about how your body transformation has just had a tremendous impact on other people?

Tammy: Oh, you’re so right. It was life-changing for me. Life-changing, life-giving, I feel like, especially with the 7-1/2 inches—actually I’m 8 inches off the waist at this point—and it’s amazing, and it feels so good to walk in and people go, “Wow! You look great,” and being amazed at the change. And sometimes it’s subtle. They won’t say much and then you’ll hear them say, “Well, I think I need to do what you’re doing. I think I need to try your program.” Then others that just immediately are like, “I want to know what you’re doing. Write it down, right now. What did you do?” Because they’ve seen me struggle.

This wasn’t just a one-year or two-year I gained a few pounds and I needed to lose it. This was years of struggle. Now having people see me, it’s also great because that kind of holds me accountable to the future. And when I’m with them, that’s not the time for me to break down and have something bad. I need to continually think about what got me here, why it’s so much more important to be doing the right things, eating the right things. So that’s been awesome.

But my dad is on the protein. He lost 10 pounds his first week. My niece is on the protein and the MetaboGreens, and she’s joining the January body transformation challenge with me, Beth is, so I’m so excited about that. That means the absolute world to me. Then others in our family, and some have been trying to get healthy on their own, but you see it brings this whole energy where it’s more than just one. A lot of people have complained, a lot of people have struggled. Even if it’s the 5‑10 pound range, they’ve struggled.

And everybody’s learning now, like reading labels. What makes it different? Why you shouldn’t make certain choices like crackers. I shouldn’t mention their names, sorry. My favorite crackers, and you look and it had high-fructose corn syrup in my crackers. Then in just other plain crackers, it had soybean oil, and I really think that was one of the factors for me; cutting out anything like that. Cut out everything in my life, from mayonnaise to crackers. And everybody else seeing those choices, making those choices.

The most exciting thing is I actually posted the family photo on the website and you don’t see the previous year’s, but I can tell you that that’s a slimmer bunch of people in those photos. So I’m really excited. I almost can’t wait till next year. I almost want to rush it because I think even next year’s Christmas photo of all of us together is just going to look even more awesome because so many more people are on the page. We have four or five people in that picture now that are on the protein as of Thanksgiving. It’s going to be exciting to see where we all are at this time next year.

Shawn: There’s no better gift than health, right? I mean, that’s the best gift of all. That’s great.

Tammy:  It’s amazing. I had shared with Tim that I had a picture taking in early August; I think August 8th or August 10th.

Tim: Just to the point of reference, that was at the beginning of the body transformation challenge.

Tammy: We started in mid-July.

Tim: Mid-July, so it’s a few weeks in.

Tammy: This was like four weeks in and I had a picture at a birthday party, and then I have a picture when my great-niece was born 20 days later. And the two pictures look like two different people. The first photo, I swear you can tell I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like my body is up to here. I feel like up to my chin. I feel like I’m drowning in my own body because I’m still that full, where I had gained so much weight over the years. And then 20 days later I’m my old self.

Who hasn’t said, “I just want to feel like me again. I just want to feel like me again.” So, that’s the other big thing is when you get in this body transformation challenge or doing anything is don’t quit because you don’t know, that 20 days could be your life-changing 20 days.

Shawn: Absolutely.

Tim: That’s powerful, Tammy. And I just want to touch on that for just a moment because some people quit before they even get started, and you and I talked about this, Tammy, because the before pictures that you have to take for the BioTrust body transformation contest, for instance, it can be very humiliating and people get embarrassed, they see these pictures. But like you and I talked about, that’s a huge step in the process, to take that leap of faith or that plunge because it’s a moment of truth for a lot of people, like to actually see themselves. This is what I really look like, and it’s hard.

But to your point, if you hadn’t taken that picture, you wouldn’t have that point of reference to look back to and say, “I’m making this tremendous body transformation. This is hugely motivating for me.” It’s also tremendously motivating to see that picture and be like, “All right, that’s not me. That’s not the person I want to look like. I’m going to change.” And then four weeks later you take this other picture and you can see the difference, that you may not have just been able to see in the mirror looking at yourself day-by-day when the small changes happen.

But when you take these snapshots in time, over time, they really show tremendous differences. So, I’m glad that you mentioned that because I think that the before photos can be very daunting for people. And just know that I would say 80-90% of people that I talk to don’t move forward because they are either afraid to take those before photos or when they see them, they’re just too embarrassed. But almost everyone feels the same way. But use those as motivation and use them as a snapshot in time to get better.

Tammy: In the VIP group, there were several people that said, “I’m doing this. I’m just not technically in the body transformation challenge.” And it gets back to those before photos, and I can tell you, I wrestled with this. When I read Josh’s email, I was so in. He completely had me on his team, believing that this is it. I’m going to do the leap of faith. Then I got to the photos. It is so humiliating. And you know, even when you’re honest with yourself, you know, but you don’t know when you see these photos.

I did selfies. I found a mirror and did my own selfies. They’re such a necessary evil, if that’s a good way to say it. They’re a necessary evil, even if you do it for yourself because what happens is we’ve always used that scale number. And I can tell you that the most dramatic body transformation you’ll see, even though usually the scale kind of goes with it, isn’t in the scale. It’s in your pictures, it’s in your measurements. Because when you’re building muscle, muscle weighs more than fat. So you can look awesome, but your number may not be what you think you want to be, and those pictures are critical. So just do them. And I can tell you one of my fears was, “Wow, I’m sending these photos, the most humiliating photos of my life, into BioTrust who are on the internet,” and I’m thinking, “Where are these photos going? Where will they be used?” And I can tell you, after going through this 12-week body transformation challenge and this experience of leap of faith, that they’re completely respectful. They even send you the letter when you win, to ask, “Is it okay? Can we use these? Is there another photo you would rather use?” They try to give you as much support as possible so that you feel comfortable.

I actually did two double photos. I did one with literally the sports bra with the shorts, almost like her bikini to me at the time. Oh God. There’s no words to express the humiliation I felt. And then I did one with just a shirt that I had wanted to be in and I remember being in it with yoga pants. And it wasn’t pretty either, but it was a little easier to stomach, and I actually sent both in. And then at the end, I did both again. But I can tell, you transform your body and I did look up people and I looked up 12-week body transformation online and I saw how people’s bodies change, and I said “There is no way. How cool is that? But there’s no way.” And you look at my pictures and it’s a 12-week body transformation. The pictures are critical. Do them, do what you’re comfortable with, do some hard ones even if you just keep them for you.

And I took pictures at the six-week mark, just to celebrate. And trust me, I would have been happy at that six-week mark—not at the four-week one, but the six-week mark. I could have lived that way. I was so exhausted over the years, I could have lived with that. But I can tell you, where I’m at is a whole lot better and I definitely can live with this. But I still think I need to live with that bikini body.

Tim: You deserve it.

Shawn:  Awesome. Well, Tammy, we really appreciate it, and have an awesome time in Maui, and congratulations on winning the body transformation challenge. We, at BioTrust, deeply support you and we’re so thrilled that you are setting the example and are there for other people that will join the VIP group and that you’re going to continue on. That really says a lot about the body transformation contest. I’m really proud of you for that, because this should be a lifestyle change. This should be about diet, exercise, mentality, and then supplements. And supplements aren’t the cure-all, but we make great supplements that we’re proud of that I think help. And it’s all about the right mindset and doing all these healthy behaviors. So I’m really proud of you.

So you’re going to roll into 2018 already doing so many great things, so you should be proud of yourself. And we’ll just leave it there, but we’re really happy for you. Thank you so much for being on BioTrust Radio. Thank you.

Tammy: Thank you for having me.

Tim: Yeah, thanks for joining us, Tammy. You’re awesome.

Tim: Hey gang, thanks a bunch for tuning in to this episode of BioTrust Radio. Shawn and I hope that you really got a lot out of it. I know that we left that conversation really feeling inspired to take our own health to another level as well as to carry others with us.

I just wanted to remind you about the BioTrust 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge starting on January 8. And the signup period is open right now. So just head on over to the BioTrust VIP group, so you can click one of the links below or you can go over to Facebook and search “BioTrust VIP.” We’ll give you all the details. You just need to fill out the before form, be an active participant in the group, and of course, take at least one BioTrust supplement during the duration of the body transformation challenge to be eligible. We’ll coach you up on all that stuff, if you head over there. Again, just head on over to the BioTrust VIP group. We’ll fill you in, give you the steps you need to take to get started.

Again, 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge. We’ve got social support, we’ve got accountability, a big deadline in place. We’ve got incentives, including a trip to Maui for two, all-expenses-paid trip to Maui for two for the grand prize winner along with $2,500 cash. We’ve got two other great cash prizes for the second and third place. We’ve got $500 cash prizes for the four week sprint winners. We’ve got t-shirts, customized BioTrust yetis to hand out along the way to folks who are rockin’ their transformations. So we’re excited to see you over there to get started.

Again, head on over to the BioTrust VIP group to get all the details. Go to Facebook, search “BioTrust VIP” and we’ll get you started in the BioTrust 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge, which officially starts on January 8th. We’ll keep it open. Anyone who wants to join throughout the 12 weeks, we just want to get everyone healthier, living happier, more productive lives, and we hope to see there.

Thanks again for tuning in to this episode of BioTrust Radio and we look forward to seeing you on the VIP group. Keep up the great work everyone!