Quitting by Design- Interview with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski – BioTrust Radio #55

Do you feel stuck? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, pain, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, or high blood pressure? These can all be physical manifestations of unrest. It could be your job, a toxic relationship, your environment, or even a self-limiting mindset that’s causing your body to scream out that something is seriously wrong — something you need to QUIT. In this episode of BioTrust Radio, we interview Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, The Quitting Evangelist, whose mission is to help people like you live successful lives through strategic quitting. Enjoy!

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“I want you to realize that ‘quitting’ isn’t the dirty word; ‘settling’ is the dirty word here. You do not want to be at the end of your life and look back and think, ‘Man, I spent 20 years too long in a career, marriage, or a city that wasn’t working. Because there’s an opportunity cost to everything…Quitters do win.” – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a Quitting Evangelist. She helps people to and through their quits through her book Quitting by Design and her podcast Quit Happens, along with speaking and coaching. She is also a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, currently working at the Veterans Administration. In addition, she is an attorney and former adjunct law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Dr. Morski began her professional life as a multimedia designer, then made a major shift and embarked on a medical career which began at St. Louis University School of Medicine, then continued with family medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic and a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona. During this time, she was published in the American Journal of Family Medicine and presented at an International meeting of the American Society for Sports Medicine.

After obtaining board certification in Family Medicine and a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine, Dr. Morski began law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA, where she graduated as valedictorian in December 2014. She was admitted to the California Bar in June 2015. Prior to writing a book and beginning her podcast, she was an adjunct professor of health law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and served as co-founder, Chief Medical Office and in-house legal counsel for MedRepublic.

When not doctoring, lawyering, or preaching the gospel of strategic quitting, Lynn Marie can be found doing yoga, throwing around kettlebells or a steel mace, playing multiple musical instruments and dancing like everyone’s watching.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this episode:

  • The physical symptoms and manifestations that can be signs that there’s something in your life you need to quit
  • How to strategically and successfully quit and how to quit without burning bridges
  • Examples of the most common “quits” (a job, toxic relationship, environment, and even a mindset that’s working against you)
  • One of the biggest red flags that you need to quit something (“counting the minutes”)
  • Lynn Marie’s journey and how she has strategically used quitting to earn the life she truly wants
  • Why you need to tune into your intuition — whether it’s the voices in your head whispering or your body is yelling at you, you need to listen
  • Why you need a coach or mentor
  • How being obsessed with diet or exercise can be counterproductive and how information overload can be paralyzing
  • The difference between “giving up” and “quitting”
  • How strategically quitting a “mindset” can be one of the most powerful quits
  • Why you first must identify the root cause — a job, abusive relationship, or limiting beliefs (mindset) — if you want to quit a “vice” or “bad” habit (such as smoking or drinking)

We’ll discuss these topics and much, much more! And how about you? Have you ever strategically quit anything? Is there something weighing you down that you realize you need to quit? Let us know and let us know if you need help.

Products Mentioned in This Episode:

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