BioTRUST Nutrition Live: Talking About Age-Related Muscle Loss!

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Age-related muscle loss is the most critical issue of our time. Yes, there are some other things we need to be worried about in terms of health issues, but age-related muscle loss is an underpinning factor in many, many cases.

The amount of muscle mass we have peaks sometime between the ages of 25 and 30. Generally speaking, at around the age of 30, we start to lose muscle each year, averaging out to about 8% per decade. That rate accelerates once we get into our 70s, when it can double to about 15%. So, you’re losing somewhere around 8 to 15% of your muscle mass each decade starting around the age of 30. What that means when you’re 80 is you have about 40% less muscle mass than you did when you were 25!

That loss can be kind of silent, though. It’s not necessarily something you notice right away. That’s why I want to really want to shine the light on this. It happens pretty early and consistently over time. And the sooner we can do something to fight back, the better off we’re going to be. Hopefully that kind of puts the importance of maintaining muscle in perspective.

Fortunately, we do have some control over this. This is one area that we can combat, though not necessarily completely prevent but certainly combat and mitigate the losses. That’s what we’re talking a lot about in this live feed.

Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss