BioTRUST Nutrition Live: Discussion on Metabolism + Metaboboost Solutions

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Are you battling to lose stubborn belly fat? Or struggling to shed extra pounds? Sadly, even if you’re doing the right things and looking for the right solutions, it gets more and more challenging to maintain and lose weight as we get older.

In addition, once you hit 40, hormonal fluctuations shift where fat accumulates to around the belly, hips, and waist. Plus, you begin losing muscle mass, and that means your body won’t burn calories like it used to, which contributes to further weight gain.

Many of us try to diet to lose the weight, but often, diets fail because they’re not sustainable and leave us feeling deprived, hungry, and frustrated. And strict dieting can cause the metabolism to slow even more, making it more and more challenging to drop LBs.

So, today, I want you to walk away with actionable steps you can implement right away to boost a sluggish metabolism to combat weight gain and help you with your weight loss efforts.

However, before we get started, I want to really hammer home that this so-called age-related decline in metabolism is just as much, if not more, lifestyle-related. This puts control back in our own hands.

We’re going to dig into what metabolism really is, how it works, what its impact on weight is, and what we do to speed it up.

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