Team Biotrust’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

Team BioTrust's 2018 Resolution

Coach Tim’s New Year’s Resolution

Tim Skwiat, BioTrust Coach Considering that there’s always room for improvement, the New Year is an exceptionally inviting time to set your intention for a better, healthier YOU. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing, and along those lines, I have several New Year’s resolutions.

First up, meditation, which offers a host of benefits. I like the idea of incorporating meditation daily as a mental training tool, and I plan to use an app called Headspace to help get me started.

Melodie Beattie says, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life…it turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it turns problems into gifts, failures into success, and mistakes into important events.” Daily, I plan to do one of the following: journal, write a thank you note, or call, email, or text someone words of gratitude.

More than ever, my loved ones are coming to me asking for help. While I’ve been a bit passive in the past, I’m excited to more aggressively help my friends and family pursue vibrant health and radiant energy this year.

Lastly, I’m committing to waking up at least 45 minutes earlier. I’m going to use the first 15 minutes to ease into the day with some coffee—and practice meditation. I’m going to invest whatever time I have remaining into my top priority before the chaos of the day sets loose.

If you really want to see your goal or resolution through, social support, and accountability are two of your best allies. Along those lines, I encourage you to join our free private Facebook VIP Community where you can get both. Here’s to an awesome 2018!

Coach Cristina’s New Year’s Resolution

Cristina Powell, BioTrust Coach Truth be told, I am not a fan of the whole concept of New Year’s resolutions. I just think if we could all make a conscious effort to put forth every bit of energy into everything we do and make each moment count all year long, it would create a better life for all of us.

Let’s take a moment to break it down.

First of all, we are all given the same 24 hours in a day, the same 168 hours in a week, the same 730 hours in a month, and the same 8,766 hours in a year. What we choose to prioritize our time with dictates the quality of our lives.

Taking into account that we all have jobs, families, pets, etc. that take up a significant portion of our time, we need to also make time for SLEEP, MEAL PLANNING, and EXERCISE. Those three key elements help keep our bodies functioning properly so we can be available for the important people and things in our lives. And for us to be present in body and mind.

Do you think the people who appear to have their sh*t together have an extra hour in their day? Not a chance.

We are all given the same amount of time to do with as we choose, and it’s how we prioritize this time that allows us to be health conscious or not.

So, with that being said, my goal or “resolution” for 2018 is to wake up 30 minutes earlier to better prioritize my day and focus on the things I want to accomplish. I will wake up before the rest of my family and get a head start on my day.

I am not going to make a rule about what this time is for, but I am hoping I am mindful enough to use this “ME-time” wisely and efficiently. If that means checking personal emails so I don’t get sidetracked during the day, then so be it. If that means folding laundry so I am not stuck doing it after a long day at work, that’s cool too. It is my time to do with as I please, and I am going to challenge myself each and every day to make it count.

Sue’s New Year’s Resolution

Sue Mosebar, BioTrust Contributor Having worked in the fitness industry for more than two decades, in year’s past, I would focus on fat-loss results, gaining strength or muscle size, or some other type of transformation goal. Now my goals are more focused on making every year a bit healthier by focusing on my habits. I also tend to set new goals every quarter, so I can break down my bigger goals into manageable steps. One key finding from behavioral psychologists has been to write down the time and place to implement a new behavior—which can triple the changes for success—so I’m including that for each of my resolutions below.

For Q1 of the New Year, my 2018 fitness resolutions will be to:

  • Increase water intake: to drink at least 64 oz per day that hasn’t seeped in coffee beans. After I wake up in the morning, I will start my day by drinking a full glass of water, and I will keep a water bottle next to me throughout the day, not just while I’m working.
  • Increase vegetable intake: as I prepare lunch and dinner, I will snack on vegetables or fruit.
  • Stand for work: After I print any document, I will work while standing for at least 10 minutes, reducing the amount of time I’m sitting down at work by at least 25% by the end of the quarter.

I like simple, straightforward goals that are focused on building better habits as I believe long-term results come from actions repeated daily. Fortunately, I already have a number positive action steps as the foundation, including regular exercise and meditation, and I’m looking forward to continuing to find ways to improve.

Coach Stef’s New Year’s Resolution

Stefanie Lisa, BioTrust ContributorWith the New Year fast approaching, I too am creating a direction for myself regarding my fitness plans for 2018.

Every year it seems like time escapes me, and before I know it, it’s January 1st, and I have no plans in place. This year, however, I decided to focus on two areas I seem to come up short every year: flexibility and yoga/meditation. While I’m fairly regular with my weight lifting and cardio programs, I tend to leave time for stretching until the very end of my workout … which means it rarely gets done. And, as far as yoga and meditation, well, that goes the way of my flexibility training.

This year is going to be different for me. One of the things I had to do was remember why these things are important to me. This is what will help me make these items a priority and actually get them on the schedule and get them done this year:

  • Flexibility—one of the areas that always seems to get put last is flexibility. So, to ensure it gets included, I feel the best plan is to do it first.

    I’ll plan on a quick warmup on either the treadmill or the elliptical for 10 – 15 minutes. This will allow my body to be ready for exercise, so I don’t strain or injure myself. Then, I’ll run through some flexibility exercises for my whole body as well as a little extra focus on the body part I’m about to work out.

    I’ll also include stretching of the body part being worked in between sets (which I normally do anyway). Being flexible is part of maintaining your youthfulness and will be an easy goal to incorporate into my workout plan.

  • Yoga and Meditation—with all the stress we face on a daily basis, and all the news, negativity, issues, opinions, and drama, it’s important to keep your head in a positive place.

    Again, the main issue will be fitting yoga and meditation into my schedule. And, scheduling is a must or it will never happen. So far, what’s worked best for me is to meditate first thing in the morning for a few minutes. My goal is to progressively work my way into longer and longer meditation sessions, several times a week.

    For now, I’m using an app called Headspace to get used to my new routine of a few minutes of early morning meditation. It helps you start your day right and sends you off into the world with a fresh outlook and a positive attitude.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Chime in below, and remember, social support and accountability are two of your best allies, so please join our coaches on our free private Facebook VIP Community where you can get both. Here’s to the best year yet filled with healthy habits and a stronger, happier life!