The 3-2-8 Workout Method for Weight Loss: How Effective Is It?

3-2-8 workout method

The 3-2-8 workout method is yet another TikTok sensation that has rocked the fitness world, but in a positive way. Credited as the creator of this popular plan, Pilates and barre instructor Natalie Rose says this plan can not only help you lose weight and tone up but also strengthen your core and even help reduce inflammation.

What Is the 3-2-8 Workout Method?

You may not have heard of this workout before, but you’re sure to recognize the parts. The 3-2-8 workout method consists of three main components. You set up your own schedule as long as you include the workout types and days per week for each.

3 – Strength training: the “3” represents 3 days of strength training per week.

2 – Pilates, barre training, or other low-impact exercise: the “2” represents 2 days of low-impact exercise per week.

8 – 8,000 steps a day: the “8” represents your daily goal of reaching at least 8,000 steps a day.

While by no means a novel idea, stringing together a weekly workout that includes both heavier lifting and light-weight stretching and toning, coupled with plenty of activity, spells a plan for success.

Why Is the 3-2-8 Workout Such a Great Program?

The 3-2-8 workout has a lot of benefits and is the perfect complement to a healthy diet and lifestyle. This workout is effective because it has the main components of a well-structured exercise plan.

Go at your own pace—there’s no barrier to jumping on board with the 3-2-8 workout method. Since it’s mainly based on types of workouts (not a list of exercises, sets, or reps), you can adapt each component of the plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

3 days of strength training—this will allow you to keep and even build muscle, depending on how you structure your lifting days. Keeping your muscle mass should be one of your main goals as you get older since it’s a “use it or lose it” situation. Our bodies naturally lose muscle mass over time, so replacing this metabolically-active tissue is essential for keeping your body (and your metabolism) strong.

3-2-8 workout method

2 days of low-impact exercise—staying limber with flexibility, mobility, and strengthening exercises is not only great rehabilitative work, but can help you avoid the risk of future injuries. This workout focuses mainly on barre and Pilates exercises on these days, which revolve around a lot of core and stability movements. This type of “active recovery” can also promote better blood flow and help the body balance inflammation and healing.

3-2-8 workout method

8,000 steps a day—this is technically a starting point, and doing more steps is probably even better. Maintaining a healthy state of cardiovascular fitness is important, and keeping your daily activity level high will help.

3-2-8 workout method

Is the 3-2-8 Workout Method Effective for Weight Loss?

This program can be very effective for losing weight if you put in the work. What do you have to do to make the 3-2-8 workout method work for you?

Stay consistent—slacking off will only hurt your chances of losing weight and toning up. You have to stick with the 3-2-8 workout method if you expect the advertised results. Be prepared to make it a lifestyle and not a temporary fix.

Make it personal—adapt it to what you like and need. If your goals are more focused on stretching and toning, feel free to change the workout to two days (instead of three) of strength training and three total days of barre and Pilates. If you want to work more on building muscle, then add another day or two to your strength-training routine.

Fit it into your schedule—planning your three strength-training days and two low-impact days should be relatively easy, depending on how hard you decide to go. If you have more time and energy in the mornings, make that your me-time. If Pilates classes are at lunchtime, then maybe that will be the best time to work out for you.

Go at your own pace, but don’t take it easy—choose exercises that work for you according to your fitness level, but keep the workouts tough. Challenge yourself by progressing each week with an extra repetition or two, a little bit more weight, or a few extra minutes.

Follow a healthy diet and create a caloric deficit—as far as a program for losing weight, the 3-2-8 workout program has all the necessary physical components. But that’s only half the story. You can’t discount the power of a proper diet. To round out this great workout plan, monitoring your diet is essential if your goal is weight loss.

A good online app can help you monitor your caloric intake. You don’t necessarily have to count calories, but you will want to at least monitor your serving sizes. Of course, it’s also important to choose healthy foods from natural sources most of the time.

And, last but not least, don’t be afraid to up your daily steps or increase the pace if you want to burn more fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness.