Top 10 Foods High In Protein (Other than Chicken)

Foods High in Protein

If you’re like most, you could probably use a change of pace in your diet beyond the regular ol’ chicken breast. So, to spice up your diet—and your taste buds—here are ten of our favorite foods high in protein you can begin mixing into your weekly meal plans (in no particular order):

The Top 10 Foods High in Protein

1. Eggs – Eat the whole egg—not just the white. The yolk is actually the most nutrient-dense portion of the egg, providing a ton of vitamins and minerals, protein and healthy fats…and it has the benefit of making the egg taste mo’ better.

2. Shrimp – Grill ’em up, or sauté them in some grass-fed butter or extra virgin olive oil. Mix with veggies and enjoy.

3. Salmon – An awesome fatty fish containing loads of protein and a healthy dose of uber-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt packs twice the protein of regular yogurt. Go with the plain variety and sweeten with stevia, a little bit of honey, or better yet, some berries if you’d like.

5. Ground Turkey – Super lean and great for chili. mmmm chili. Make some. Eat some. Enjoy some.

6. Pork – Known as the “other” white meat, it’s as lean as chicken when you get the right cut. Go for the boneless chops and trim the outer fatty edge.

7. Chicken Sausage – You probably won’t notice the difference between chicken sausage and “regular” pork sausage, but the former is a much more concentrated source of protein (i.e., more protein per calorie).

8. Beans – Black beans, kidney beans, red beans, navy beans, black-eyed peas, lentils, and the list goes on are the least expensive protein source in AMERICA —and probably every other part of the world as well—and they are crazy high in fiber with very little impact on blood sugar. Add them to your turkey chili, a salad, or whip up some hummus.

9. Bison – All the taste of beef while being incredibly lean while still packing a mean flavor punch. KA-POW!

10. Grass-fed beef – Grass fed beef is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a special type of fat that has been shown to result in fat LOSS. Eat this…tastes great, and it’s great for your figure.