Working Out Naked: Benefits + Best Exercises to Do

working out naked

Getting comfortable in your own skin just might start by taking off your clothes and working out naked. Instead of covering up all the time, maybe a fresh look at your body and your body in motion will give you a new appreciation for yourself and all you can do.

Body Image & Self-Esteem

In this day of filters and photoshop, can anyone really have a decent body image? Since we are constantly bombarded with “fake news” when it comes to physiques and appearances, it’s not surprising that many of us are comparing ourselves to others and striving to live up to impossible standards. But, can we ever really be completely at ease with our bodies and even learn to love them?

Scientists say that body image is closely related to self-esteem and that a healthy body image can also foster better self-confidence. Researchers go on to say that creating a healthy body image is important. And the more often you see yourself naked and exist in nakedness, the more it will seem to be comfortable to you.

Befriend your body. Making friends with your body starts with appreciation. Appreciating your physique and watching the way it moves as you are working out naked can help you develop a greater friendship with yourself and even learn to accept certain flaws.

Naturism and Body Image

Naturism, also called nudism, has always been around, and there may be a lot more reasons for it than those that immediately come to mind. Scientists found that observing other people naked and even participating in the nakedness helped people overcome body-image issues and learn to better accept their bodies at face value. Once you observe other people enjoying and accepting their own bodies, you become much more inherently forgiving, not only of the shortcomings of others’ physical bodies, but of your own as well.

The Beauty of Your Body at Work

If you’ve been to any kind of fitness facility, you’ve probably noticed the plethora of mirrors on every wall and surface. Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders will often watch themselves working out in the mirror. As narcissistic as this may seem, there is another reason why they do this. It’s part of what’s called a mind-body connection.

Watching how your muscles work as you go through the mechanics of an exercise can help you focus on the muscles that are doing the work and how they interact with each other. Learning how your muscles move as you go through the exercises can help you create a connection with your muscles.

Learning to connect with your body has a host of benefits, from reduced anxiety and stress to a lowered heart rate, less depression, and improved health markers across the board. Your mind and your physical body are entwined, so learning to understand and accept the physical can garner huge benefits for your mental state as well.

The Health Benefits of Working Out Naked

While connecting with and accepting your naked body is all part of working out naked, there are also some added benefits that you just might miss if you choose to exercise only while fully clothed.

Working out naked helps you vibe with your body and create a positive body image. Instead of feeling resentment, embarrassment, and shame, you’ll learn to appreciate the abilities of your body and grow to respect it as you get stronger and more flexible. Once you start feeling gratitude, you’ll know you’re on the right path.

Working out while naked can help you make adjustments to your exercises as you’re doing them. Instead of your line of sight being hindered by clothing, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on as you’re performing the movement. And, if you decide to engage in a group exercise class, like yoga for example, needed adjustments will be easy for the teacher to spot.

Researchers also say that those who work out naked with others tend to develop a much more positive body image as well as a greater acceptance of others and their bodies. You’ll soon realize that nobody (no body) is perfect, and this can foster greater self-esteem and confidence.

Ironically, working out naked allows you to understand that there is so much more to you than just your appearance. Once you can get past your self-consciousness, you’ll discover how beautiful you really are.

Try These Naked Workouts

If you’d like to get on board with working out naked, consider starting off in the privacy of your own home. Get a sense for how it feels to walk around sans clothing before venturing out. With all the societal taboos surrounding nakedness, it may be a bit of a hump to overcome, so give yourself grace as you venture into this new territory.

Yoga is one of the best workouts you can try naked. Since yoga naturally lends itself to a strong mind-body connection, it’s the perfect exercise to do naked as you get accustomed to exercising without clothes.

When you’re ready, consider joining a nude workout class. Look up nude workouts in your area to see what’s available.