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Each serving of Multi-Collagen nourishes your body with 10g with bioactive collagen protein, including hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which are kingpin to healthy skin, hair and nails, gut, joint and bones. As an added bonus, Ageless Multi-Collagen™ is rich in amino acid glycine, which helps promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Hands down, one of the top features of Ageless Multi-Collagen™ is that it’s tasteless, odorless and mixes easily and instantly. That not only means, no collagen-clumps, it also means maximum absorption for maximum benefits.

How Best to Consume Ageless Multi-Collagen

To get the most out of Ageless Multi-Collagen™, we recommend 1 scoop to at least 8 ounces of any hot or cool liquid and mix thoroughly. You can add it to coffee, soups, smoothies and even healthy recipes like pancakes, oatmeal and cookies! You can use it an hour or so before exercise to support tendon and joint health and recovery.

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