METABOGREENS 45X — World’s Best-Tasting Super Greens

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MetaboGreens is our best-tasting greens drink containing over 40 Fruits, Veggies, Herbs, Spices & Superfoods in every single scoop.

MetaboGreens™ is a quick and painless way to add more greens, veggies and fruits to your diet. MetaboGreens™ was carefully formulated to deliver a great tasting, energizing blend of more than 40 vital-rich superfoods to maximize the support of energy levels, healthy appetite and weight management, detoxification, digestion and a healthy immune system.

Adding MetaboGreens™ to your routine will energize your day, fend off cravings or with meals that lack fruit and vegetables. It’s great for detoxification and a late afternoon energy boost, instead of coffee or an energy drink.

How to Consume MetaboGreens

To get the most out of MetaboGreens™, we recommend you mix one scoop with six ounces of water or your favorite beverage and mix thoroughly. For the best berry-energizing taste we recommend you consume MetaboGreens™ right away. Use daily – up to twice a day.

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