Our Top 8 Most-Read Health Articles of 2021

What Color Banana is Best

As one year wraps up and another is barreling forward, we thought it would be a fun exercise to see what articles resonated most with all of you in 2021. It’s a great way to see what type of content you’re looking for, so we can provide even better content in the future. We also thought it would be a good way to show new (or just busy) readers some of the helpful information they may have missed.

Here are the top 8 articles from the past year:

1. Foods You Should Never Freeze

Most of us are looking to save money while eating healthfully. And one way to do that is to preserve the quality foods we buy, so they’re on hand to make fueling the body easy. Freezers are an incredibly useful resource, but not all foods freeze well. Coach Tiffany took a dive into the deep freeze to show us the foods that are better left out of the cold.

12 Foods You Should Never Put in the Freezer.

2. Sexy Arm Workout: Toned Arms in Under 20 Minutes

If there’s one person who can help you build a stronger, leaner, healthier, and yes, even sexier body, it’s Coach Stefanie! She certainly didn’t disappoint our readers with this quick workout to strengthen, tighten, and tone one of our most visible body parts.

Sexy Arm Workout: See Toned Arms in Under 20 Minutes.

3. 14 Things Women Over 50 Need to Stop Doing

Entering the fifth decade of life is an achievement. Yet there are numerous habits as well as mindsets that no longer serve us. Now’s a great time to let go of the fear of change, putting off our dreams, and taking health (and healthcare) for granted. This article provides a wealth of healthy actions to help make the next half of our lives the best yet.

14 Things Women Over 50 Need to Stop Doing ASAP.

4. 7 Morning Exercises You Should Do Right After Waking

Ready to wake up and conquer the new day? Get your blood flowing, jumpstart your metabolism, and amp up energy levels with this morning movement, starting with some sun salutations from Coach Stefanie. This one activity may even beat your morning coffee!

7 Morning Exercises You Should Do Right After Waking

5. 11 Foods That Increase Blood Flow and Circulation

Speaking of ways to increase blood flow, in addition to movement, what you eat can also have a big impact. Coach Tim went in for a deep dive, revealing some of our favorite circulation-supporting foods, including beets, apples, and cayenne pepper. Feel the flow!

Red Superfood Powder

11 Foods that Increase Blood Flow and Circulation

6. The Healthiest Ways to Cook and Eat Eggs (with recipes)

Some of the most sharable articles on the blog are the amazing recipes from Coach Cristina. Whether you prefer your eggs poached, scrambled, hardboiled, baked, fried, or sous vide, Coach Cristina has you covered in this highly popular article. (Don’t miss her healthy take on the tasty egg bites from Starbucks.)

The Healthiest Ways to Cook and Eat Eggs (with recipes)

7. Green or Yellow: Which Banana is Best For Your Health?

Did you know that the nutritional content of bananas varies per their color? Coach Stefanie shares how the different shades provide positive properties and when to eat them. Enjoy!

Green or Yellow: Which Banana Is Best for Your Health?

8. 11 Sneaky Signs You’re Dehydrated

Most of us know we don’t drink enough water, but how can you tell if you’re really dehydrated? Some of the signs can be mistaken for other issues, such as fatigue, headaches, and bad breath. Others, such as thirst and urine color, are a bit easier to recognize. Check out Coach Tiffany’s article for other warning signs, as well as what to do to rehydrate if you’re running low on H2O.

How to Tell if You’re Dehydrated (11 Warning Signs)

2021: That’s a Wrap

The past year has been event-filled, if nothing else. We look forward to continuing to write and share articles that help you move more, fuel your tastebuds as well as your energy levels, and promote a stronger, healthier, more joyful adventure through life.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you have other favorite articles or if there are specific topics you’d like to learn more about!

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy 2022!