ZEN-ZZZ™ — Premium Magnesium Powder Supplement

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Zen-Zzz™ eases feelings of stress and anxiety and promotes restful sleep. Every serving of Zen-Zzz™ provides your body natures most powerful anti-stress anti-worry nutrients in a highly-available easy to use form to support fast feelings of calm and serenity and more soothing restful sleep.

Zen-Zzz™ includes 350mg of magnesium, of which, is one of the most prevalent deficiencies behind so many health troubles. Combine that with 200mg L-theanine, an amino acid, and there is no question Zen-Zzz™ is the premier anti-stress anti-worry relaxing magnesium powder on the market.

How to Consume Zen-Zzz

We recommend you slowly mix the powder into eight ounces of water, let fizz and stir until dissolved. You can use Zen-Zzz™ anytime of day when you’re feeling stressed. It will help calm your mind and body. Or you can use Zen-Zzz™ near bed-time to support relaxation and sleep quality. Each serving is individually packaged in a convenient easy-to-use stick pack with a refreshing razzberry effervescent flavor.

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