BELLYTRIM XP™ — Advanced CLA Toning Supplement

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BellyTrim XP™ is a stimulant-free, weight management support-supplement that actually works!

BellyTrim XP™ was carefully formulated to provide a unique blend of researched-backed, naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients that provide powerful support to promote healthy fat loss without potentially harmful stimulants. Unlike the lion-share of fat burning supplements on the market, BellyTrim XP™ is a stimulant-free formula with NO added caffeine.

And while many of those formulas are hiding behind proprietary formulas or “fairy dusting,” BellyTrim XP™ features three powerful researched-backed ingredients, at levels which research shows to be effective, including:

  1. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is a super fat and assists the body in burning fat, reducing the bodies ability to store fat and help maintain calorie-burning lean muscle.
  2. Punicic Acid which is derived from cold-processed pomegranate seed oil and has been dubbed “super CLA” and finally
  3. BioPerine a natural bio-availability enhancer which increases the bodies absorption of CLA and Punicic Acid. BellyTrim XP™ was designed to overcome the pitfalls of so-called “fat-burning supplements” on the market and to simply WORK.

BellyTrim XP™ was carefully formulated to compliment a healthy diet and regular exercise as a best-in-class fat-loss aid.

How to Consume BellyTrim XP

Getting the most out of BellyTrim XP is simple: Take two softgels with your two largest meals of the day. You can take BellyTrim XP™ any time of day.

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