JOINT 33X™ — Next Generation Joint Health Supplement

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Joint 33X™ is a premium, naturally-sourced joint health supplement that actually works!

Joint33X was carefully formulated with an unprecedented combination of three researched-backed joint-nourishing ingredients, which have been shown in more than a dozen human studies to powerfully support joint health, mobility, flexibility and function.

Joint 33X™ features an all-star cast of joint nourishing ingredients which represent a three-pronged approach to revitalizing joint health:

  1. First, build and restore with UC-II, an undenatured type II collagen which supports joint health and mobility by promoting healthy levels of collagen,
  2. Lubricate joints with Hyal-Joint®, a naturally-derived extract, rich in collagen, glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic to help lubricate and cushion joints, supports joint mobility and function and,
  3. 3.) Protect joints and connective tissue with AprèsFlex® Boswellia extract. All that in one small capsule taken once a day!

How to Consume Joint 33X

To get the most out of Joint 33X™, simply take one capsule once a day with food or one an empty stomach.

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