2024 Health & Wellness Trends to Embrace

health & wellness trends

Now that we’re almost a month into 2024, we’re getting a clearer picture of the health and wellness trends for the coming year. Every year, this sector evolves, often mirroring societal, technological, and cultural changes. Indeed, this year again marks big changes in how individuals are approaching their health and well-being. The 2024 health & wellness trends we’re most excited about include those that embrace holistic and personalized health strategies, such as diets that emphasize balance.

Let’s explore the wide-ranging trends shaping the upcoming year. That includes trends toward more inclusive, tech-integrated, proactive approaches to living stronger, healthier, longer lives. Ones that incorporate healthy eating, mental strength, fitness for fun, and more.

2024 Health & Wellness Trends: Diet and Nutrition

  • Well-rounded diets, such as the Mediterranean or MIND, are gaining popularity over more restrictive diets that limit food choices, such as the keto diet. There’s a notable shift toward diets that provide greater balance and flexibility, so they’re easier to follow for the long term. The Mediterranean diet has long been recognized for its effectiveness not only for weight loss but to reduce the risk of various health issues, including cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.
  • Plant-based and sustainable foods have been trending for several years. However, there’s a notable shift for 2024. People are saying no thanks to ultra-processed plant-based items (e.g., “fake meats”) and instead choosing whole-food beans, pulses, nuts, and seeds to promote health and sustainability.
  • Science-based supplements are becoming more and more important to consumers. People are pushing aside hype and claims and looking for actual clinical support behind their products, especially in the wellness and beauty sectors. For example, creatine and HMB have been found to not only help promote muscle building but also improve energy levels and support healthy aging.Adaptogens and nutrients that support cognitive health are also being sought after. Vitamin D and magnesium have been shown to support health, immune function, and mood. Other specific science-supported supplements that are trending include collagen, turmeric, and specific mushrooms.This goes beyond nutrition and supplementation, though. Everything from wearable technology to recovery devices to weight-loss medications needs to be strongly backed by science for safety and effectiveness to appeal to customers.
  • Intermittent fasting has become a trend over the last several years, and due to its positive effects on many people, it is continuing to grow in popularity this year. Again, there’s a growing skepticism of fad diets and quick fixes and more focus on science-supported diets, such as intermittent fasting.
  • The sober curious movement is continuing to grow as people are reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption to improve health. Nearly 40% of U.S. respondents in one survey reported they were following a sober-curious lifestyle, which could explain the growing number of non-alcoholic beverages, including NA beers and mocktails, entering the market.

2024 Health & Wellness Trends: Personalization

  • Health Monitoring isn’t just about wearing an “old-school” pedometer or even a smartwatch. Now, you can monitor your health with smart rings that fit comfortably on a finger to easily track fitness goals, sleep, mindfulness, stress levels, and more.The medical community is also embracing the use of glucose monitors and other devices to track a wide range of health indicators, going far beyond traditional fitness metrics like heart rate or steps.Some devices to keep an eye on include the Movano Evie Ring, Apple Watch X, Whoop 5.0, Oura Ring Gen 4, and Samsung Galaxy Ring, which may offer more comprehensive health management, such as blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc., via wearable technology. Some upcoming devices may also support women’s health, providing a better understanding of fertility, menstrual health, and menopause.
  • Technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), is growing in every sector, including health and wellness. The focus in the coming year is data quality and availability. Digital tools are being developed to help bridge healthcare gaps, expand access, and promote more personalized treatments and greater efficiencies. AI is also used to analyze fitness data to design custom workouts or health plans.
  • Data security and privacy are naturally coming to the forefront as these devices collect significant amounts of personal health data. Users are concerned about the potential misuse of this information by insurance companies, employers, advertisers, etc. Thus, they’re looking for clear consent mechanisms and full transparency of how the data could be used as well as powerful encryption to prevent the data from being collected, stored, or used without their consent.

health & wellness trends

2024 Health & Wellness Trends: Mental Strength and Well-Being

  • Mindfulness has so many benefits, which explains why it’s a growing trend year after year. Everything from mindful breathing to low-pressure exercise like walking to focusing on the present moment no matter what you’re doing helps lower levels of stress and feelings of overwhelm to promote mental health and well-being.

2024 Health & Wellness Trends: Fitness and Movement

  • Strength training is finally getting the attention and respect it deserves. More than 60% of folks now include some type of weight or strength training in their fitness routines. That’s a good thing as this type of training not only helps improve how you look and boost metabolism but also helps improve bone density and can even help you live longer. It’s especially important as we age!
  • Diverse and inclusive exercise protocols to appeal to people of every size and every age. For example, more fitness classes and offerings are being directed toward older adults or people who are new to exercise. These classes often prioritize strength and overall wellness rather than losing weight or looking a certain way.
  • Community engagement has also been a growing trend as people are choosing to exercise together in salons, spas, fitness centers, and even parks. Over a third of people are choosing to combine their social activities with their wellness. Gamification and VR (virtual reality) are being used to motivate individuals and build communities with online groups, classes, and competitions.
  • Other effective workout trends for 2024 include incline walking like 12-3-30, rucking, mini-trampolines, steady-state cardio, and pickleball for greater fun and variety in your fitness routine.
  • It’s not just about pushing your body to the max, though. Another important trend is on recovery and easing your way into fitness. For example, cozy cardio, restorative yoga, and forest bathing continue to trend.

Benefits of Forest Bathing

2024 Health & Wellness Trends: General Health

  • Thermal stress practices, such as saunas and ice plunges, which use extreme temperatures, continue to be explored for their potential health benefits. Some research suggests, for instance, that heat and cold could positively impact heart, vascular, and endothelial functions. In turn, they may also help improve mood and may reduce the risk of dementia or stroke.
  • Quality sleep continues to be a rising interest as most people simply aren’t getting enough of it. In an effort to make the most of the ZZZs we do get, there’s a growing focus on sleep hygiene, quality mattresses and pillows, wearables to track how well you sleep, and even thermal therapies to enhance sleep.

health & wellness trends

2024: Health & Wellness: Aging and Longevity

  • Pro-aging encourages a shift to embrace aging and the benefits that come with it (rather than deny it). It avoids damaging anti-aging narratives and promotes overall health and fitness at every age. It also encourages people to love the body they’re in as they age well.
  • Body care, or head-to-toe skincare, focuses not just on healthy skin but holistic wellness that connects emotional and physical health. For instance, stress relief, self-care, and pure ingredients are used to soothe the skin, promote skin elasticity, and enhance overall appearance. Collagen and skin-health products are part of this growing trend, as are signature scents.

Collagen and Turmeric

2024 Health & Wellness Trends Conclusion

Looking at the wide range of health and wellness trends this year, it’s obvious that there’s a profound transformation. These trends are marked by holistic wellness, integration, and innovation. The rise of well-rounded diets, plant-based foods, sober curiosity, and science-backed solutions illustrates a more nuanced understanding of how our choices impact not only lifestyle and culture but health and weight.

Technology is playing a greater role in how we track and improve our own personal wellness journeys. But they’ve also raised important questions and conversations about data security and privacy.

In addition, mental well-being and strength, particularly in terms of stress management, mindfulness, recovery, and enjoyment as we move our bodies, are becoming cornerstones for health and well-being.

As we navigate the upcoming trends, it’s obvious that health and wellness is about much more than a simple diet or exercise plan. It’s a comprehensive approach to living well, setting the stage for greater health and wellness throughout our lives.